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Abraham (unknown – July 15, 1863) was an Afro-American servant, who, along with his daughter Eliza, was employed by William M. Tweed during the American Civil War.

While a slave living on a plantation, his first wife was killed by an earless slave coming from another plantation, Abraham killing the murderer with his own hands before fleeing for the North. This traumatic event, made Abraham very protective of the daugther he later fathered with his second wife.


In 1863, Abraham was sent by Tweed to deliver a letter to Cudgel Cormac and learned that the coming days were about to be very unsafe for black people. Returning home, the worried father discovered that his daughter was not there. Searching for her during the riots, the angry mob attacking the rich and the afro-americans, Abraham was eventually assaulted by a band of thugs, leaving him barely alive despite the intervention of Tommy Greyling.

Greyling and Adelina Patti helped the old man to reach Tweed's house, where Abraham was hoping to finally find his daughter. There, he died in the arms of his distraught daughter who ,tragically, was also looking for him during all this time.


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