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Abberline, We Presume
ACS Abberline We Presume 3
Technical information

The twins seek out Sergeant Frederick Abberline in a Whitechapel back alley.


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Memory type


Full sync

  • Bring back the target alive.

Somewhere That's Green


To Catch an Urchin

Historical information

Jacob Frye/Evie Frye


London, United Kingdom


February 1868

Abberline, We Presume was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob and Evie met with Sergeant Frederick Abberline to gain allies in the Metropolitan Police Service.


Jacob and Evie met in an alley.

  • Evie: I don't see Mister Abberline.
  • Jacob: Well, we tried.

A bearded man disguised as a woman stepped forward and spoke in a feminine tone.

  • Abberline: Psst. I may know a thing or two about that splendid fellow you're talking about.
  • Jacob: What's this?

Jacob pulled off the man's bonnet, causing the man to give up the disguise.

  • Abberline: God's sake, are you trying to blow the gaff?!
  • Jacob: What-
  • Abberline: Sergeant Abberline, at your service. I presume you're the Frye twins Green mentioned.
  • Jacob: I was expecting you to be a policeman.
  • Abberline: I was expecting you to be discreet.
  • Evie: Henry Green said that you could help us go unnoticed.
  • Abberline: This is how it will work. I will give you the names of criminal gang members, you will bring them back to me. Quietly.
  • Jacob: Oh, we'll be as quiet as an old lady. A very hairy, strange old lady, that looks like a policeman.
  • Abberline: Now whatever you do, try to remain within the bounds of the law. For my sake. I don't need any corpses at the station... Approach the target from behind and attempt to make them talk. Then bring them to my carriage, carefully.

Dalton was grabbed.

  • Dalton: Get off me! Piss off! Oi!
  • Jacob: Shut your gob.
    Meet my blade.
  • Dalton: What is it that you think I've done?
  • Jacob: Collecting rent from people who don't owe you a shilling?
  • Dalton: Yeah, me and half of the richies in this bloody city. You going to kidnap them too?
  • Jacob: Maybe. But I'm starting with you.

If Evie captured Dalton, their interaction would be different.

  • Dalton: Get off me! Piss off! Oi!
  • Evie: Shut your mouth.
    Meet my blade.
  • Dalton: Get your hands off me!
  • Evie: Stop squeezing people of every last penny, and we'll talk.

If Dalton broke free, he would attempt to escape.

  • Dalton: Ha-ha! Just try to catch me now.
    Someone! Get this lady off my back!
    Somebody stop this git!

Dalton was grabbed again.

  • Dalton: Oh, for God's sake!

Dalton was shoved into Abberline's carriage.

  • Dalton: Help! Help!

Dalton was brought to the police station.

  • Abberline: We'll be glad to see him behind bars. Thank you.


Homer Dalton was brought to Abberline, establishing a closer allegiance between him and the Assassins.

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