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A Thief in the Market was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward worked with Rhona Dinsmore to discover who led the Templars hunting her.


  • Edward: Have you reconsidered my offer, Rhona?
  • Rhona: Yes. As I'm indisposed, and my sense of duty runs deeper than my pride, there's a situation I hope you can investigate.
  • Edward: Go on.
  • Rhona: Mind, I said investigate a situation, not create one.
  • Edward: Yes mum, what is it?
  • Rhona: A rash of thefts and mischief. Seems too convenient it started at the same time as these bureau attacks. Could you see what you can find out around the market?
  • Edward: A boosey swill tub like me? Are you sure? I won't let you down.
  • Rhona: It would be hard to get much lower than this.

Edward went to the market to find the pickpocket.

A Thief in the Market 3

Edward locating the thief

  • Citizen 1: (Keep your eyes open and your purse closed.)
  • Citizen 2: (Yes, it's just terrible what Havana has become! Pickpockets everywhere.)
  • Citizen 1: (If it were up to me, I'd have them all hanged.)
  • Citizen 2: (If it were up to you, you'd be the last man alive in Havana!)
  • Citizen 3: (Guard your purse! I hear there are pickpockets about.)
  • Citizen 4: (What makes you think I'm not the pickpocket?)
  • Citizen 3: (You? I've never met a more proper lady!)
  • Citizen 4: (But I could be leading a double life. This could be my lady guise.)
  • Citizen 3: (Your what, now?)
  • Citizen 4: (My lady guise. I could be a heroine! I could fight crime by stealing from dastardly gentlemen, to help the poor! So could you.)
  • Citizen 3: (We could be partners!)
  • Citizen 4: (I like the sound of that.)
  • Citizen 5: (The pickpockets swarm like mosquitoes these days.)
  • Citizen 6: (And their sting hits you in the purse!)
  • Citizen 5: (If I were younger, I would squash them like the bugs they are.)
  • Merchant: (Step right up! Finest rum in the south seas! Yes, you sir, what'll it be?)
  • Guard: (Hey! Thief!)

Edward pursued the thief and obtained the stolen documents.


Edward successfully captured the pickpocket and acquired documents with information detailing the Templar's identity.