A Storm of Crows was a visual representation of a genetic memory relived by an Abstergo Entertainment research analyst through the Animus Omega


An Assassin was tasked with investigating weapon shipments delivered to a Borgia camp in Rome near the Colosseum.


Sneaking inside the camp, the Assassin found many Crows in the area. Upon discovering the crates marked by an Assassin scout, the Assassin found Corvix Blades inside. Soon after, the Assassin witnessed a conversation between a bald man and the Master Crow, Matteo who he followed into an ambush. The Assassin emerged victorious from the ambush, throwing the Master of the Crows from the Colosseum and escaped. Following this, Assassin reinforcements finished off the rest of the Crows and captured the bald man, a weapons merchant named Sirius Favero, who fed them information to save his life.