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A New Recruit
Technical information

Find the missing woman.


Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Memory type

Free slaves

Full sync
  • Kill the enemies before catching the slave. (PS Vita)

Earthly Belongings

Historical information

Aveline de Grandpré


Louisiana Bayou, Spanish Louisiana, New Spain



A New Recruit was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline met with the man she had previously freed.


Aveline approached the man.

  • Man: Mademoiselle (Miss), Aveline.
  • Aveline: You again?
  • Man: Please, mademoiselle, I don't know who else to turn to. It's my wife. She has disappeared!
  • Aveline: She has been recaptured?
  • Man: No. I fear it might be worse. Those rough men in the bayou-- I fear she has joined them. Soon after we arrived, she began to speak of revenge. Of revolution! These men, they encourage her. They have weapons. But I do not think they are who they say they are. I tried to warn her. And then... she vanished. Please, can you help?
  • Aveline: Yes. We don't have much time.

Aveline made her way to where the woman was being taken, killed the guards and caught up to the fleeing woman.

  • Aveline: Are you all right, Madame?
  • Woman: Yes. Thankfully. Can no one here be trusted?
  • Aveline: Yes, but we are few and far between. I hope you can remove your family to safety.
  • Woman: I will. And once I do, mark my words, the revolution will come.
  • Aveline: I hope you are right.


The woman returned to her family and escaped the bayou.


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