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A Hard Ride was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After locating Leandros, Ezio Auditore clung to his carriage and followed him, eventually taking control of a carriage of his own.


Ezio clung on to Leandros' carriage by a rope.

  • Guard 1: He's behind us! There! You see him?
  • Leandros: What are you doing? Faster!

Ezio's rope began to fray.

  • Ezio: Damn!
    Just a scratch!
    Alright, I felt that!
    Argh, merda (shit)!
    This will not hold for long!
  • Leandros: Die you bastard!
    Run, you stupid brute!
    Take this!
    Where are you, bastard!

A second carriage arrived.

  • Leandros: Closer! Get closer! Closer!

Leandros jumped over to the other carriage and mercilessly pushed its rider off.

  • Leandros: Move!
  • Guard 2: Wait!
  • Leandros: Go to hell!

Ezio managed to take control of another carriage and pulled up to Leandros.

  • Leandros: You again!

Another carriage pulled up near Ezio.

  • Guard 3: I have him.

The guard's carriage was soon destroyed by the rough terrain, and Ezio continued chasing Leandros until they arrived at a village.

  • Leandros: Take this! Die, you bastard! Stop him! STOP HIM!

One of the guards threw a bomb, damaging Ezio's carriage and causing the Assassin to fall from a cliff.


Ezio's carriage was destroyed and he was wounded during a subsequent fall.



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