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A Family Divided was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


After freeing Thérèse, Aveline met with her stepmother to discuss further plans to free slaves.


Aveline met Madeleine in front of the de Grandpré Mansion.

  • Madeleine: Aveline, do you remember the slave you brought me, Thérèse?
  • Aveline: Of course...
  • Madeleine: Can I trust you, daughter?
  • Aveline: Always! But with what?
  • Madeleine: There is another slave, a man. He was separated from his wife and son. If you can bring him to me, I can reunite them.
  • Aveline: Of course, I will help any way I can.
  • Madeleine: I do not need to know the way.

Aveline made her way to the slaved man's location and killed the guards.

  • Slave: Who? ... What? Thank you, but...
  • Aveline: There is no time. Come with me quickly.
  • Slave: Where?
  • Aveline: To your family.


Aveline led the man back to her home and handed him over to Madeleine so that he may be reunited with his family.


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