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A Dangerous Trade
Technical information

An undercover Crow messenger sneaked into Firenze with the task deliver a letter to one of the Templar Agents. The Assassin wanted to avoid alerting the Crows, so he decided to choose a different approach for stealing the letter.


Assassin's Creed: Identity

Memory type

Story mission

Full sync

Identify the person who is meeting with the Messenger.


Under the Red Sun


Saviors of Roma

Historical information


A Dangerous Trade was a visual representation of a genetic memory relived by an Abstergo Entertainment research analyst through the Helix navigator.


An Assassin sets out to find a messenger working for the Crows and steal the letter they were planing on delivering and replace it with a fake one.


The Assassin killed a Templar agent named Vittorio in order to stall the messenger and retrieve a forged letter by Niccolò Machiavelli that he then threatened the messenger into swapping with the real one. The letter was a summons from Il Corvo to all Crows, calling them to Rome. Upon hearing this, Machiavelli himself joined the Assassins and rode to Rome immediately.


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