From: Melanie Lemay
To: Robert Fraser
Date/Time: 18 Jun 2014
Subject: Arno Dorian
CC: Aidan St. Claire, Victoria Bibeau
Hi Robert,

You come highly recommended and I'm thrilled to have you in our studio. I'm putting you to work on a special project for me.

Your subject is Arno Dorian. His story takes place during the French Revolution! I want you to explore every avenue of his life that you can.

The goal is to have a new blockbuster to present to the Abstergo brass nest year. As such, this is SUPER classified.

Your direct supervisor will be Aidan St. Claire (cc'ed) You can ONLY discuss the project with Aidan or myself. As you'll probably be logging some overtime in your Animus, I've added a mandatory weekly meeting with our psychiatrist Dr. Bibeau (cc'ed) to make sure you're not suffering from any Bleeding Effect.

Welcome to Abstergo Entertainment! Don't let me down. :)


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Jean-Francois Brunet
Date/Time: 07 Jul 2014
Subject: The Tragedy of Jacques de Molay
Hey, I just read the final text for the first episode:

"Last of the heroic Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay was a man of principle, a towering intellect betrayed by the man he trusted most – the corrupt King of France."

LOVE IT. And I think our users are going to love it too! This is going to be the crown jewel of our Helix launch in the fall!

Great job everyone!


From: Melanie Lemay
To: M.-O. Boudreault
Date/Time: 09 Jul 2014
Subject: History's Hitmen Altair
Hi M-O!

I understand your concerns, given that we already have passed on several of these historical figures in previous market analyses. Having said that, I think we can use a lot of this data to present these people not as fictional action heroes, but as the focus of historical documentaries.

After a few iterations, we've come up with this as our best angle:

"Amid the chaos of the Crusades, one man's moral transgressions tower above all others. Experience firsthand what is means to be a remorseless killing machine in an age of philosophical turmoil."

These could be in a series, something like "History's Hitmen?" haha, that's turbo lame, but you get the idea. Or they could be standalone. Maybe this one can be "Murder in the Levant" or something like that.

We're going to commission a few features using these controversial figures for Helix's launch. Let's see how they do and then well discuss continuing the series or trying something else.

Thanks for your honest feedback, it's always appreciated!


From: Melanie Lemay
To: M.-O. Boudreault
Date/Time: 16 Jul 2014
Subject: Ezio Auditore
Hi M-O!

I agree that Ezio's shady character makes him unsuitable for a leading role. So maybe we can take him out altogether and create a virtual tourism feature?

Something like: "Travel to the Italian Renaissance for a taste of wine, free thought, and filthy hearts as Abstergo Entertainment shows you the true meaning of enlightenment. Attend wild parties, witness spectacles unseen for 500 years, and rub elbows with the most famous nerd the world has ever known, Leonardo da Vinci."

I'm also considering a series focusing on some notable serial killers of history, Ezio certainly qualifies. Anyways, have a think and let me know what you come up with!


From: Melanie Lemay
To: M.-O. Boudreault
Date/Time: 19 Jul 2014
Subject: Connor
Hi M-O!

I think we should focus on George Washington, rather than Connor. "Washington and the Wolf" has a nice ring to it.

"Take part in the unlikely friendship between America's most revered hero, General George Washington, and a sullen Mohawk native named Connor – a stirring tale of violence, revenge and betrayal set during the earliest years of the American Revolution."

George Washington we can franchise. I don't know that we'd get more than one feature out of Connor. Plus, don't even get me started on his wife or the way he died. What a mess.


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Jean-Francois Brunet
Date/Time: 21 Jul 2014
Subject: Haytham Kenway
Just to keep you in the loop. I heard back from editorial this morning. The story itself is untouched, but this is going to be the menu text for the Haytham Kenway feature:

"Devoted patriot, celebrated scholar, loving father. Exclusive to Helix, witness the rise and martyrdom of one of the American Revolution's least known heroes. A Helix exclusive!"

I think it fits perfectly with the title you've chosen, "The Lone Eagle". Haytham's going to appeal to a wide audience, and his story is going to definitely going to give people a bad case of "THE FEELS" as those internet kids like to say.

Oh my God I'm old, aren't I?


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Christopher Darby
Date/Time: 27 Jul 2014
Subject: Edward Kenway
We have Devils of the Caribbean taken from his genetic memories. But I think we can do more. Is there a way we can spin a cautionary tale around his actual life?

Alternatively, do we know anything about his life once he returned to England? I know his family had a big mansion in London somewhere. Is it still standing?

I don't want to give the impression that the studio is just reusing the same genetic memories over and over, so while I want to recycle assets to save money, the experience has to be totally fresh.


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Kristina Uhrich
Date/Time: 01 Aug 2014
Subject: Aveline de Grandpre
I'd like to explore the possibility of a follow up to Liberation. We found footage of Aveline's activities in New England, and it seems clear that she was still very active later in life.

Ideally, I'd like a sequel to Liberation or some kind of follow up, but I understand that's going to take some resources that we don't have right now. A quick fix option is to re-use existing assets and take a more family-friendly angle on her story:

"From a scrappy servant to a woman of dignity and poise, experience the heartwarming 18th century take of a young Creole woman as she struggles to find her long-lost mother and heal the wounds of separation forever."

Additionally, "The Liberation of Lady Aveline" might open up some revenue from women, which is a demographic I think we have been ignoring for too long now.


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Jean-Francois Brunet
Date/Time: 04 Aug 2014
Subject: Robert de Sable
I am starting to have second thoughts about doing a feature on Robert de Sable. While he was a good leader, I just don't know if there's anything about a knight that fought and died during the Crusades that makes him stand out.

I'm wondering if we can leave him aside for now, and focus on Madeleine de L'Isle? A successful business woman in pre-colonial Louisiana is more of a feel-good success story.


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Jean-Francois Brunet
Date/Time: 05 Aug 2014
Subject: Triumph of the Borgias
I think focusing on his dysfunctional life is the wrong track to take. I've modified your initial pitch, and I would suggest going for something like this:

"Rodrigo Borgia's quest to reform the irrational excesses and corruptions of the Catholic Church from its highest office – the Papacy. Experience firsthand his rise, his reforms, and his untimely death."

The program itself is top notch, though. Great work! Give my best to your team! :)


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Jean-Francois Brunet
Date/Time: 10 Aug 2014
Subject: Cesare Borgia

After looking over the footage that you presented, I've decided that rather than dedicate an entire feature to the loathsome Cesare Borgia, We'll use it to add some spice and conflict to the existing Rodrigo Borgia piece.

Cesare is just too much of an asshole to have his own show!


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Jean-Francois Brunet
Date/Time: 17 Aug 2014
Subject: Laureano Torres
I don't know how to say this politely, so please don't think this is anything personal or a reflection of you or your work. You're a star!


I think doing an entire virtual feature about Laureano Torres is the single most boring pitch that's ever come across my desk.

Sorry! :(


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Philippe Chartrand
Date/Time: 21 Aug 2014
Subject: Giovanni Borgia
So, if I'm reading your reports properly, you're saying that Giovanni Borgia was born deformed, miraculously survived, but frequently hallucinated about past lives and associated with some of the biggest occultists of the Renaissance?


Out last supernatural movie, "They Walk Among Us" was met with really mediocre reviews.

If we can use these genetic memories to start a new occult thriller franchise, we might be able to win back some of those disgruntled fans!


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Ajay Rana
Date/Time: 24 Aug 2014
Subject: Dvija A.I.
Hello Ajay!

It looks like we'll be able to use Animus tech to create a digital version of Monima Das to finish production of Dvija A.I.

My condolences again to your resilient cast and crew. If nothing else, we'll be able to give Monima the glamorous send-off she deserves!

When it's done, I'd like to talk about using MySore Techsic to remaster other traditional forms of entertainment (concerts or sporting events, for example) into fully immersive Animus experiences.

Best, M.L.

From: Melanie Lemay
To: Kama Neron
Date/Time: 25 Aug 2014
Subject: Shao Jun
We first got a glimpse of Shao Jun while in the Ezio Auditore section of Sample 17. With so much demand for "Strong Female Characters" right now, do you think we can focus some R&D into finding her genetic material?

There is some evidence connecting her to the Jiajing Emperor. Who by all historical accounts, was a cruel jackass. Great villain potential. If memory serves, I think there was also a Mongol invasion around that time!

There's a lot of potential for a great new action franchise!


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Philippe Chartrand
Date/Time: 01 Sep 2014
Subject: Fiora Cavazza
Hey Philippe,

You're getting great data from Fiora Cavazza, but I just want to chime in now, and say that I don't want to focus too much on her early life as a courtesan in the Rosa in Fiore. Rather, I want to focus on the intrigue and tension when she betrays her gang.

I cannot stress enough how much I do not want Fiora to be perceived as a over-sexualized object, but rather as a cunning spy, who has to make difficult choices to overcome life-threatening obstacles.

I'm going to be on your ass about this, to always err on the side of good taste!

I believe in you!


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Kloe Lesney
Date/Time: 08 Sep 2014
Subject: Nikolai Orelov
I like this take a lot!

"A psychotic Russian terrorist meddles in the affairs of a once proud monarchy. Now, for the first time in history, learn the truth about Russia's swift and brutal descent in to anarchy and chaos at the genesis of the 20th century."

I am not sure about "White Death" as a name though. "Radical Reds?" "The Fall?" Haha, I suck at naming, but I think we need to sit down and hammer out a final title

Coffee soon?


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Philippe Chartrand
Date/Time: 10 Sep 2014
Subject: Kyros of Zarax
I thought the fad would die out, but big budget historical epics are still a thing. I think it's time Abstergo Entertainment showed everyone how it's really done.

A quick glance through some DDS files brought up the name Kyros of Zarax. He was a renowned athlete, but also studied with Pythagoras. That's a well-educated slice of beefcake right there.


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Jennifer Tam
Date/Time: 17 Sep 2014
Subject: Animus combat sports
Hey you!

Remember when you said you wanted to see MMA events through an Animus? IIRC, what you "actually" said was "I want a cage-side seat to bathe in their man sweat" :p

Well, I took the idea to heart, and we're working with our partners at MySore Tech in India to remaster some traditional entertainment as virtual features. We're going to have concerts and historical tourism, but I made sure we got some combat sports, just for you, my dear!

We're going to have a series called "The Best of Tornedo de Combate", Brazil's biggest promotion. Their CEO (find?) was a bit of a dick, but the Abstergo name carries a lot of weight, so that definitely helped us out :)

Volume 1 is going to include fighters like Guilherme Venancio, Arend Schut, and Luis Otavio Duris! Means nothing to me, but I hope you're excited!


From: Melanie Lemay
To: Evan Dean
Date/Time: 29 Sep 2014
Subject: Conspiracies
Hi Evan,

I want to diversify our programming a bit and attract a big ofsic the fringe element in terms of customer base.

With that in mind, I thought a new series focused on crazy conspiracy shit might be right up your alley.

A few subjects to focus on:

I'd like to see if we can get some big time celebrities to narrate these things. Now, at first glance, they'll probably balk at the subject matter, but I bet if we feed them the script in chunks that are out of order, we can easily manipulate them into thinking they are participating in a proper science documentary.

Go nuts!