1. Emergency Manual

Internal diagnostics have detected a malfunction in the building's operating systems. This emergency manual has been programmed to replace the message section of your communicator.

To ensure your personal safety, please keep your communicator with you at all times and refer to this manual as needed.

Abstergo Entertainment cares about the safety and well-being of all its valuable assets. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

2. Abstergo Industries VIPs

On rare occasions VIPs from Abstergo Industries may be on site. They may impose on you certain requests for information or services that you feel may or may not fall under your jurisdiction or mandate.

Abstergo Industries VIPs are to be obeyed without question or hesitation. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions and possible termination.

3. Communicators

Your communicator is an essential part of your daily life at Abstergo Industries. It should be on your person at all times as it allows you access to various parts of the building.

Should you find a communicator anywhere in the building, we recommend that you collect it and identify its owner. While the owner will face consequences for losing it, it is a mistake they will only make once.

4. Computer Maintenance

In the case of network corruption, it is your duty as an Abstergo employee to safeguard not only your data, but the data of your friends and colleagues.

If you see a computer or workstation left unattended during an emergency, take a moment to restore it and make sure that its vulnerable contents are not easily accessible to unauthorized personnel.

The data is as important as you are.

5. Security

Please respect your Non Disclosure Agreement. Our work here is exciting and confidential. Security breaches will not be tolerated.

This past year has seen many leaks of internal information get out to the public. Do not speak about your work with fellow travelers on airplanes, for example. Do not engage the so-called entertainment media without a PR representative with you.

It is embarrassing to the company and threatening to your job security.

6. The Bunker

From time to time, you may wake up from an Animus session in unfamiliar surroundings. In such drastic cases, it is likely you are being investigated as a security risk, and we have placed you in the bunker for your protection while we run background checks on you.

If you have done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to worry about. Your release is sure to be forthcoming.

7. Dress Code

Hooded sweatshirts of any kind are not permitted within the building. If you see any individual wearing a hood of any kind, report them to security immediately. Should the weather be unpleasant, we strongly recommend the use of umbrellas.

Anyone displaying an overt fondness for the colour gray should also be treated with suspicion.

8. Bleeding Effect

Overexposure to the Animus may result in something called the "Bleeding Effect" where reality becomes indistinguishable from the genetic memories in which you immerse yourself daily. It is possible that the emergency or obstacle you are facing is not there in reality.

For example: If you see a fire, take steps to ensure the fire is real before you act. QUICKLY and carefully, touch the fire.

If the fire is real, remove your hand and proceed to the nearest exit in a calm and orderly manner.

If the fire was a hallucination, proceed to section 11.

9. Server Maintenance

Helix is the engine that powers Abstergo Entertainment. From time to time, it will be necessary to perform maintenance on the servers to ensure that business continues to run smoothly. We recommend that you take courses on server maintenance. Courses are offered every month, at no charge.

Should a server fail, you will emerge as a hero to your colleagues and superiors if you are able to restore the core segments that power our cloud servers.

10. Hackers

Abstergo's revolutionary Helix servers are an attractive target to many types of criminals and malcontents. It is important that you do your part to keep our cloud secure and report any anomalous behavior with your Animus workstation or any other Abstergo equipment in the building

11. Psychiatric Care

At times, the deadline of virtual feature development can feel overwhelming. Abstergo Entertainment has a variety of resources for you.

Refresh yourself with complimentary Herne+ energy drinks. Revitalize your body with personalized routines programmed into a Bodyband exercise bracelet.

Our in-house psychiatrist can prescribe you Midazolam and a stunning array of Abstergo pharmaceuticals to ease your mental anguish and delay the onset of the Bleeding Effect.

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