Post-Mortem Report Subject 1701:32

Post-Mortem Report Subject 17

A sample-recovery team report detailing the collection of Subject 17's remains for use in the Sample 17 project.

December twenty-third, twenty twelve. Sample Recovery Unit. Team-Lead Fisher Case reporting on Subject Seventeen, Desmond Miles. The Subject was deceased and unattended. Time of death was placed around zero-hundred hours and seven minutes, with conditions favorable for DNA sample recovery. We had some initial concerns about interference in the vault, but but [sic] given the skill and talent of this team, we were able to capture useful data. I personally retrieved the subject's backpack, and extracted a number of objects of interest, to undergo detailed analysis.

The subject displayed burns to the right hand, severe enough to fuse the bones, indicating some kind of spontaneous, intense burn trauma. Honestly, we have never seen anything like it before. Head, neck, and torso remained in good condition. I hand-selected recovery agents to recover fluid samples – blood and saliva. We then commenced material extraction, and were able to preserve several exemplary samples.

Data analysis and sequencing is already underway, and I'm told, proceeding with exceptional ease. Thanks to the cloud database and the work of Abstergo Sample Recovery Unit 3, the legacy of Subject Seventeen will continue uninhibited as Sample Seventeen.

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