Market Analysis E00:59

Market Analysis E. Auditore

A market feasibility analysis commissioned for the purpose of determining the strengths and weaknesses of acquired "historical properties."

Our initial reports gave us hope that Ezio Auditore would serve as an ideal candidate for future Abstergo Projects. His charisma, sexual magnetism, and wry humor gave him all the qualities of a leading man. However, his corruption by the Assassin order robbed him of these qualities as he fell deeper and deeper into a spiral of revenge. Ezio was known to frequently articulate a passive acceptance of evil. He was also a man of ugly contradictions – one who preached free-thought, yet traveled well beyond his home country to proselytize his corrupted Creed, just as he is doing here with this impressionable Chinese girl. Notice, too, that in his gestures and bearing there is still something of the old lecher in him. Ezio's entire personality is built around pure demagoguery... claiming his philosophy is all about love when violence and coercion are his primary means of tackling problems. We have therefore come to the conclusion that Ezio Auditore da Firenze is would be a risky property [sic] to develop.

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