Market Analysis C01:01

Market Analysis C. Kenway

A market feasibility analysis commissioned for the purpose of determining the strengths and weaknesses of acquired "historical properties."

Our initial research into the life of Ratonhnhaké:ton focused on a period spanning his late teens to early thirties. But our researchers came away unimpressed by his calm and stoic demeanor, with occasional flashes of extreme anger. This was not the sort of leading man we felt comfortable endorsing. We decided, therefore, to delve into his early childhood with the hope that scenes of pre-Colonial America might hold some appeal. As you can see here, there is a certain naïve charm and innocence to this young boy. Unfortunately, our researchers found this young man's story deeply problematic as well... for one, the omnipresence of the Mohawk culture lacks the balance necessary to tell the true story of America. And secondly, the Mohawk language would certainly be an issue for most of our audience. We therefore feel that although Ratonhnhaké:ton [sic] early life would be of some interest to our more educated viewers, it is unlikely that his story would appeal on a broader scale... being too "foreign", as it were, to normal audiences. Our team strongly recommends we PASS on our [sic] property.

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