Market Analysis A01:01

Market Analysis A. Ibn La'Ahad

A market feasibility analysis commissioned for the purpose of determining the strengths and weaknesses of acquired "historical properties."

  • Voiceover: Our researchers looked into the life of Altaïr Ibn La'Ahad, [sic] hoping to find a biography that might serve as a positive role model for Abstergo's global outreach programs. Unfortunately the renegade assassin proved to be no such thing. In much of his footage, we see a man gleefully flouting some of his culture's most entrenched taboos, with an arrogance that borders on messianic.
  • Abbas: Altaïr! No! This is not our way! To burn a man's body is forbidden!
  • Voiceover: Many of our researchers felt that the arguments articulated by Altaïr's rival – a man known as Abbas – were clearer and more cogent than any we had heard from Altaïr. I recently put in a request that more effort be dedicated to locating one of Abbas's descendants, if any exist. It's clear to us that Altaïr's transgressions were the primary motivation behind the ultimate dissolution of his despicable order by the middle of the 13th century. We therefore strongly recommend a PASS on this property, in favor of a more agreeable and inspiring figure from this era.

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