Saved chat lot between Melanie Lemay and Olivier Garneau.


Olivier: I need your guys to get me everything in the observatory by the end of Friday at the latest. Can you do it?

Mel: No! Are you carzy?We don't even know where it is yet. And Friday's a holiday.

Olivier: A holiday? Really? Do your people realize that working here is a privilege? If they care about their jobs, they'll come in, and it will be an honor.

Olivier: And no, I'm not crazy. I'm getting a lot of heat from Laetitia. If we don't it done, she'll take it out on Devils and ALL our work will be lost.

Mel: Ugh. Does she even know how anything works here?

Olivier: She has her own pressures.

Mel: I realize that, but we're already working overtime.

Mel: And when are we going to discuss how the plot of Devils has to change to accommodate this observatory business? How am I going to sell this?

Olivier: You're not going to. It's too sensitive.

Mel: So We're just collecting the memories for NO REASON?

Olivier: Not for no reason. Laetitia will use them.

Mel: This is ridiculous. You want us to devote our lives to finding information we're not allowed to develop, or understand, or use in any way. It won't help sales, and my people will never see their work rewarded in public. How am I supposed to motivate them?

Olivier: I don't know. Get them breakfast. Pain an chocolate. Coffee. Pretend to "sneak in" some coffee liqueur. A little beer with lunch. Feed them. They'll forgive you.

Mel: Again? They're not going to keep falling for this.

Olivier: Yes they will. Bread and circuses. Look it up. It's a thing.

Mel: Come on. Be Serious.

Olivier: I am being serious. Remember: none of this comes from me. Laetitia needs what she needs. If you want the project to continue, we have to keep her happy.

Olivier: The Observatory doesn't have anything to do with pirates anyway. It would only complicate things. Take the focus off the action.

Mel: But it's fascinating. I realize it's more mature and complex (I can't believe I'm the one arguing this...) but we are CRAZY not to use it.

Mel: Imagine: we could be selling to pirate fans AND conspiracy theorists all at the same time. The potential for market growth is HUGE.

Olivier: We cannot use it, so please stop asking.

Mel: This is insane.

Olivier: As you already know, Melanie, this company is a subsidiary of Abstergo Industries , and Abstergo Industries has a different culture, They are hierarchical and rule driven. We may not always like it, but if we want to advance in this company, we have to be careful.

Mel: You're protecting her.

Olivier: I'm protecting *you.* I know we have our arguments from time to time, but I know you care deeply about our work, and I don't want you to get yourself ejected from conversation. We need you.

Olivier: Do you understand?

Mel: Yeah, I get it. "Pick my battles." It's common sense. I don't know why this one thing is bothering me so much right now. I'm just tried.

Olivier: So I don't need to find someone else to help me?

Mel: No. We'll get it done. Somehow.

Olivier: I will personally bring the coffee liqueur for breakfast.

Mel: Lol. Thanks. I'll find some way to get them excited about it in the meantime.

Olivier: If it makes feel better, I can tell you a secret...

Mel: What?! :-D

Olivier: If we are successful with the Observatory, Abstergo may develop a Las Vegas attraction to accompany the release of Devils.

Mel: WHAT-WHAT???!!!

Olivier: They're looking into a partnership with those aquatic circus people you like. Imagine celebrating with the whole team, at a live-action gladiator show-- Assassins vs. Templars vs. Sharks.

Mel: Whoa. I am in awe. How do you come up with this stuff?

Olivier: Oh, I have all kinds of little things saved in files here and there. I always thinks I'll get around to doing something with them in a quiet moment.

Mel: But there are never quiet moments.

Mel: Oh well, You'll retire some day.

Olivier: Not if I'm lucky.

Mel: Me neither ;-)