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Congratulations on making the bold step towards the best years of your career!

Abstergo Entertainment has a fresh outlook and a unique way of working.

With so many possibilities for growth, it can be overwhelming at first. But we're here to help you get settled in and down to work... the work of following your dreams!

Inspiration strikes at unexpected times, in unusual places.

We got our start as the entertainment division of a technology company, Abstergo Industries, where research into genetic memory (more on that, later!) led to captivating, enthralling surprises.

Today, with a wide range of transmedia offerings, from games to books, films and comics, we're more than just an entertainment company. We like to think of ourselves as a history company, built on science. Now those are some good genes!

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1937: Abstergo Industries is founded with the ambitious objective of making the best results of scientific progress available to humanity, widely, accessibly and responsibly.

1937: Abstergo Industries is an early supporter of workers' unions. Our relationship with our employees is even closer and stronger today in all of our subsidiaries, including Abstergo Entertainment.

1940: Recognizing its responsibility to create opportunity and stability for its people—and all people, Abstergo Industries takes the role of global leader, aiding the establishment of the World Bank and NASA, among many defining initiatives of the 20th century.

1978: The first Animus device is created and the discipline of DNA Memory Research is born.

2009: After twenty-five years of meticulous testing, DNA Memory is ready for public consumption. Abstergo Industries launches a pilot Entertainment Division to produce experimental features for entertainment markets.

2010: The prototypical Abstergo Industries Entertainment Division issues its first release: Project Legacy. The social media phenomenon dazzles audiences by allowing them to relieve genetic memories of historical figures and little known heroes of the past.

2011: Via its growing Entertainment division, Abstergo Entertainment tests a new multiplayer simulation of historically-inspired entertainment gyms. The experiment is embraced by a competitive new generation of gamers eager to outdo one another.

2012: In collaboration with major videogame publisher Ubisoft, Abstergo Entertainment's Assassin's Creed III: Liberation is released, and for the first time, the public hears the story of Aveline de Grandpré, a fallen Assassin who rediscovers the light with the help of the Templar Order. A modern classic is born.

2013: Ground is broken on Abstergo Entertainment's new headquarters in Montreal, Québec, Canada. Home to gourmet cuisine, great shopping and a vibrant local culture, Montreal blends old world charm with new world energy: the perfect balance for our entertaining, historical, scientific, innovative, company.

THE PRESENT AND BEYOND: YOU join our team. A star is born. The future looks brighter than ever.

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We go out of our way to recruit the most talented people from all walks of life—innovators, producers, good listeners who always seem to know what we need a moment before we do.

You should feel at home in your Animus Workstation to explore history with the thoroughness you crave—and we expect! Who knows, maybe you'll uncover a past technology to the benefit of future generations, unearth evidence of a secret society, break a few codes, or make an outstanding connection between mysterious documents.

This could be the beginning of something beautiful. Or shocking. Or evocative. It's all there in history, and the secrets of humanity are at your disposal, thanks to genetic memories we put in your hands.

At Abstergo Entertainment, we understand the power of knowing where you belong. That's why we've designed an ironclad hierarchy that leaves the organization to us, so you can do what you do best: research and create to your heart's content. No need to worry about getting ahead; we'll take care of that for you!

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You've explored all the menus in your personal communicator, and you can almost find your desk without checking the map. Just a few things to keep in mind, to ensure your first week is a success.

Your work hours are from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, but feel free to start as late as 10:00, and don't be surprised if you get so absorbed in history, you sometimes forget to go home!

Everyone needs a breather once in a while. Your first week off will come after 3000 hours in the Animus or a year at Abstergo Entertainment— whichever comes first. It's going to fly by!

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We have the best life insurance plan in the business, and that's just the start!

You'll find everything you need for a healthy, energized work life right at your fingertips. Check the atrium for everything from fresh sushi, to organic, direct trade coffee. Yum!

Your communicator will give you access to the areas you need.

Abstergo Industries and Abstergo Entertainment recognizes the fundamental benefit to humanity of striving to include the best minds from around the world and across society. If you have ideas for reaching and engaging new contributors from under-represented segments, you are encouraged to contact HR.

You are free to trumpet your enthusiasm and loyalty to Abstergo Entertainment on social media. Heck, shout it from a rooftop if you need to.

But remember, unless specified, the following information must not be shared: Project details, their titles, launch dates, themes, characters, settings, and all other identifying traits, the physical layout of Abstergo Entertainment and Abstergo Industries campuses, and the makeup of teams, including immediate colleagues supervisors, reports, and their project status, mentions of any technologies, partners, affiliates, retailers, wholesalers, and allusions to the details of sales reports or bonus structures, must not be shared. For the protection of marketing and media schedules and potential loss of data, employees are encouraged not to travel with work, but in cases where it cannot be avoided, are advised to use laptops, tablets and communicators only in approved Abstergo hotels and meeting rooms, never in public or in un-vetted spaces.

AC4 Employee Passport 7


No one really knows. (Just kidding. It's a safe and well-documented process.)

1- Acquisition
2- Extraction
3- Exploration
4- Editing

What some call animal instinct, Dr. Warren Vidic termed Genetic Memory. Locked within our DNA are records of our ancestor's lives.

The Animus is a device that renders genetic memories in three dimensions. It's a window to the past that allows you to experience history, but not change it. That happens later, in editing!
Once, we were bound to explore only the genetic memories of our own ancestors, but today it's possible to research within the memories of any ancestor for whom Abstergo Entertainment holds a viable sample for extraction. And all with negligible side-effects.

Note: genetic memory records for a given ancestor end at the moment of conception, when genetic material is passed on.

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