Subject Zero - audio file 504:59

Subject Zero - audio file 5

Audio files recorded from a collection of reel-to-reel tapes found in the residence of the late Dr. Warren Vidic.

  • Voiceover: Surrogate Initiative, Test Session 37. August 9th, 1981. Host, Aileen Bock. DNA Sample, SB1970.

[Tape plays]

  • Gestapo Officer: Open.

[Sound of keys unlocking a cell door]

  • Gestapo Officer: Good morning Miss Kurtz. You look well, considering the circumstances. Are you rested?

[Miriam gives no response]

  • Gestapo Officer: Hm. Have you eaten?

[Miriam gives no response]

  • Gestapo Officer: Your friends are dead, Miriam. Barthel Schink and all his Navajos. His Ededweiss Pirates. Executed for five counts of murder.
  • Miriam: Without a trial. You must be proud.
  • Gestapo Officer: THERE WAS NO NEED! They were scum! All of them. You hear me? All of you are Scum! Scum! Scum!
  • Miriam: I see it so clearly now. They didn't break, did they? You have nothing!
  • Gestapo Officer: Quiet, girl.
  • Miriam: You don't have the artifact. If you did, you wouldn't be talking to me at all!
  • Gestapo Officer: Quiet!
  • Gestapo Officer: I said Quiet, whore!
  • Gestapo Officer: Quiet!
  • Miriam: NAVAJOS!
  • Gestapo Officer: Quiet!
  • Miriam: NAVAJOS LAY–
  • Gestapo Officer: QUIET!

[Miriam screams in excitement]
[Tape ends, cutting to heavy static]
[An electrocardiogram beeps frantically, increasing in speed. Aileen screams]

  • Satish: Get her out! Get her out!
  • Scientist 1: We're losing her!
  • Satish: Shut it down! Everything!

[Electrocardiogram stops. Aileen groans]

  • Satish: Aileen! Open your eyes! Can you hear me? Aileen! Aileen!
  • Scientist 2: Power's off!
  • Scientist 3: Get the Physician in here!
  • Physician: Step aside, son.
  • Satish: Aileen! Talk to me! Can you open your eyes?
  • Physician: Clear!
  • Satish: Oh God... oh God...

[Heavy static]
[Sounds of cutlery and distant dog barks]

  • Vidic: All right... notes towards a speech in honor of Dr. Aileen Bock's premature... retirement. When I first learned of Dr. Bock's unfortunate accident, I couldn't help but feel a great sense of loss at... No... Doctor Aileen Bock has and always will be a friend and colleague. When I first learned of her unfortunate accident, I was shocked of course. To see any friend injured in such a way is deeply upsetting. And to further learn that her injuries were severe enough to force a premature conclusion to her brilliant career... well, I would not wish that fate on anyone. But if... if there is any solace to be found in her accident, it may be this: that she was injured in service of her research... in service of work that she cherished most dearly. And it is thanks to her... it is due to her diligence, that some of the mysteries of genetic memory have been further illuminated. And while it is true that work on her project – the Surrogate Initiative, as she called it – has been temporarily halted, the copious amount of work she has done over the past three years has been incredibly valuable... so, while her work has been suspended for the time being, her legacy will most certainly... live on.

[Sound of distant dog barks]

  • Vidic: Quiet, Joan! Quiet!

[Dog stops barking]
[Recording ends]

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