Subject Zero - audio file 406:10

Subject Zero - audio file 4

Audio files recorded from a collection of reel-to-reel tapes found in the residence of the late Dr. Warren Vidic.

  • Jeanne: I have now resumed the practice of dressing as a man, and have put off my woman's dress.
  • Geoffroy: Why did you take it? Who made you take it?
  • Jeanne: I took it of my own free will. With no constraint: I prefer a man's dress to a woman's.
  • Geoffroy: You made an oath, Jeanne! You swore to never again dress as a man!
  • Jeanne: I never meant to swear that I would not RESUME the practice.
  • Geoffroy: Why have you done so?
  • Jeanne: Because it is more lawful and suitable for me to return to the practice of wearing a man's dress – being always among men – than to have a woman's dress. I have resumed it because a promise made to me has not been kept...

[Audio gradually fades]

  • Aileen: How is he?
  • Satish: Hour three. Doing well.
  • Aileen: Are we still in eighteenth century Hungary?
  • Satish: No, his connection is so stable, he's jumped between a few ancestors today. We're in fifteenth-century France now. Turns out he's related to one of Joan of Arc's executioners.
  • Aileen: Surprise.
  • Satish: Aileen... Yesterday, Vidic asked me to help him work out some of the bugs in his Audio-Visual renderer, and I told him–
  • Aileen: No no no... come on, Satish. Not you.
  • Satish: It wouldn't be permanent. A few months at most.
  • Aileen: Months! That will kill every ounce of momentum we have!
  • Satish: It won't, I promise. Honestly, I think this could help us. If I can get a look at what his people are doing, we could–
  • Aileen: Come on. He's trying to pull you over to his side. You don't see that? He's luring you with quick victories and prestige.
  • Satish: That's not what this is about, honestly.
  • Aileen: I need to get back to work...
  • Satish: Aileen, I'm sorry.
  • Aileen: Do what you must. I'll survive.

[Heavy static]

  • Voiceover: Surrogate Initiative, Test Session 32, April 2ndy, 1981. Host, Aileen Bock. DNA Sample, SB1970.

[Static plays over opening line]

  • Barthel: Miriam. Miriam, are you awake?
  • Miriam: Barthel?
  • Barthel: Miriam, they are coming for me.
  • Miriam: Who is? The guards?
  • Barthel: I see them from my window, amassing in the courtyard. My time is up.
  • Miriam: Barthel, don't say this! You don't know that.
  • Barthel: Forgive me for this, Miriam, but I must tell you something. The artifact. We have it, but only Oskar and I know its location.
  • Miriam: Don't tell me.
  • Barthel: They will release you. Your family has connections. You must take the artifact and bring it to the Asssassins. In Paris.
  • Miriam: Please don't! I don't want to know. It's safer if I don't.
  • Barthel: Hush, now. If I die, knowledge of its location dies with me. You must bring it to the Assassins.
  • Miriam: Assassins? I don't understand!
  • Barthel: The spire of St. Petrus
  • Miriam: No, I don't want to hear!
  • Gestapo Officer: Cell seven! Stand!

[Tape audio gradually mutes]

  • Barthel: Navajos lay siege! Navajos lay siege!
  • Miriam: Barthel! You mustn't–

[Tape ends, cutting to heavy static]
[A phone rings]

  • Aileen: Hello?
  • Karl: Aileen, hi. It's Karl.
  • Aileen: Karl, I know it's you.
  • Karl: Sorry. You just... you sound exhausted. Did I wake you?
  • Aileen: No... no, I'm... I've just been busy.
  • Karl: It sounds like it.
  • Aileen: I'm just a little tired. That's all.
  • Karl: No, I mean... your project sounds fascinating. Your colleague, Doctor... Warren Vidic?... he called me recently and told me what you'd been up to.
  • Aileen: He what? Warren?
  • Karl: Yeah, he told us about your research. Memories. Ancestry. All that. He even asked if you'd be willing to come in–
  • Aileen: No! Jesus, no! What the hell is he doing?
  • Karl: Aileen. It's okay. We signed some papers... non-disclosure stuff.
  • Aileen: No! He's trying to fuck me over. Dammit!
  • Karl: Aileen, we just talked about my mother. Just like you and I did. World War two. [sic] That's all.
  • Aileen: It's the artifact.
  • Karl: The what?
  • Aileen: Karl, if he calls you again, you tell him you work through me, okay? That's it. Vidic has been a pain in my ass for years. And I don't need him getting all the glory for my two years of hard work.
  • Karl: All right. So... how should I go about this? I mean... the wheels are in motion.
  • Aileen: I... I don't know. Just go through me if he contacts you again. Please.
  • Karl: All right.
  • Aileen: You'll do that?
  • Karl: Of course. Yes.
  • Aileen: Thank you Karl. I'm sorry I was short with you. I've just been... exhausted. That's all.
  • Karl: It's all right, hon. Just... just take care of yourself.

[Phone connection dies, briefly cutting to heavy static]

  • Satish: Morning Aileen. We're almost ready. Just a few more adjustments.
  • Aileen: Hm. Okay.
  • Satish: I had the team do some research on this artifact we've been chasing, and it appears the Third Reich actually found something matching its description sometime in nineteen-forty... Aileen, are you all right?
  • Aileen: Sorry, yeah. I'm fine... just a little, uh... scattered. Vidic called my ex-husband last night. He wants to put him in the Animus.
  • Satish: To find the artifact before us...
  • Aileen: Exactly.
  • Satish: Well, it would be faster using Vidic's animus. [sic] And maybe that would let us get back to our original work.
  • Aileen: Satish, if we let that happen, then all our money dries up. Lillian is paying us to find the artifact, not improve our methods. Do you understand?
  • Satish: Right... of course.
  • Aileen: I'm sorry. Let's just... let's burn those bridges when we cross them. Are we ready?
  • Satish: Yeah. [sic] Just a few more adjustments and you're in. I made a small change to the Genetic input modulator. I'm hoping that buys you [sic] a few more minutes.
  • Aileen: Even a few seconds would be nice. I'm ready...
  • Satish: All right. Settle in...

[Recording ends, cutting to static]

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