Subject Zero - audio file 306:37

Subject Zero - audio file 3

Audio files recorded from a collection of reel-to-reel tapes found in the residence of the late Dr. Warren Vidic.

  • Voiceover: Surrogate Initiative, Test Session 32. January 11th, 1981. Host, Aileen Bock. DNA Sample, SB1970.

[Light static]
[Tape plays]

  • Barthel: Miriam... Miriam, it that you? Are you in here?
  • Miriam: Barthel?

[Static ends]

  • Barthel: Ah, thank God you're safe! We've been worried sick!
  • Miriam: Barthel, how did they find you? Jesus, what'll they do to you?
  • Barthel: Have they hurt you at all?
  • Miriam: I told them nothing. All they do – every is [sic] day – is ask about you and that artifact. But I didn't tell them anything. Nothing–
  • Barthel: I know you didn't, Miriam. But how are YOU? You aren't hurt?
  • Miriam: Not badly, no. I'm fine.
  • Barthel: We need to get a message to Oskar. Somehow. We need to tell him where–

[Tape ends, cutting to static]

  • Lillian: Very interesting footage, Aileen. This is Germany, you said? World War Two?
  • Aileen: Most of the memories I've been able to access come from a period when Miriam was imprisoned by Nazi's [sic] in Cologne.
  • Lillian: Miriam... is she still alive?
  • Aileen: No, she was my husband's mo– my ex-husband's mother. She passed away about five years ago.
  • Lillian: Well, she was spirited. An impressive lady.
  • Aileen: Definitely.
  • Lillian: And the man, Barthel. He made reference to an Artifact. Any idea what that is?
  • Aileen: My team are looking into it. But it's not our first priority. We still need–
  • Lillian: It is now.
  • Aileen: I– Really?
  • Lillian: You must have other recordings of this woman. Are there any other mentions of this artifact I should know about?
  • Aileen: Half a dozen or so, yes. But what's this about?
  • Lillian: You have questions, I understand that. I don't have answers for you. Not right now. But I do have money. And if you get me those recordings – and bring me any other artifact recordings you find – then I will triple your operating budget for as long as I can.
  • Aileen: Triple my budget? My God, what is this?
  • Lillian: 9am Monday morning. My office. We have a lot to discuss.
  • Aileen: But Lillian, I don't–
  • Lillian: Have a good weekend, Mrs. Bock! Fantastic work!

[A door slams shut]
[Heavy static]
[A phone rings]

  • Karl: Hello. This is Karl.
  • Aileen: Hi. It's Aileen.
  • Karl: Hey! How are you?
  • Aileen: Good. Busy. Cold. The winter's been terrible.
  • Karl: Ah. Seamus won't like that. The weather's been mild out here.
  • Aileen: Well, he's only coming for a month. He'll live. And I'll be so busy, he won't have to worry about his mom [sic] bothering him.
  • Karl: Ah. Still working 12 hour days?
  • Aileen: I should move a bed into my lab.
  • Karl: Look, if you're too busy, Seamus can stay with me...
  • Aileen: No, no. I want to see him. We'll have fun.
  • Karl: You're not too busy to be a mom and a genius?
  • Aileen: Of course not.
  • Karl: His flight lands at... at 8:15pm, tomorrow night. You'll be there?
  • Aileen: Of course. 8:15.
  • Karl: PM. I'll let him know you'll be there.
  • Aileen: Thanks, Karl. I need to run, I'm sorry. Take care.
  • Karl: You too.

[Phone connection dies]
[Heavy static]

  • Vidic: Ah, Aileen. Didn't see you come in.
  • Aileen: I'm not interrupting?
  • Vidic: No, its [sic] fine. The Subject is unconscious. He's traipsing through 18th century New Orleans right now. In the memories of a woman.
  • Aileen: That must feel odd. How long has he been under?
  • Vidic: Eighty-three minutes.
  • Aileen: Wow.
  • Vidic: It's average. What can I do for you?
  • Aileen: I just wanted to... to thank you for sending Lillian see me. [sic] She came away very impressed.
  • Vidic: There, you see? All these bureaucrats need is a little glimpse of our secrets every so often. They like to feel like they're still in charge.
  • Aileen: Lillian is most definitely in charge. She just tripled my budget.
  • Vidic: Tripled? Christ, Aileen. You must have discovered who killed Kennedy.
  • Aileen: Well, she heard something on one of my tapes that interested her. Something about an Artifact. Very vague. But it was enough.
  • Vidic: An artifact. What sort of artifact–

[Alarms ring]

  • Vidic: Jesus! Get him out of there! Get him out!
  • Aileen: Oh my God...
  • Scientist 1: It'll kill him! He's not decoupled!
  • Vidic: He's having a fucking seizure! Power down! Now!
  • Scientist 2: Heart rate 170!
  • Vidic: POWER DOWN NOW!

[A phone rings]

  • Vidic: Aileen, Warren here. I was all ready to apologize for the late call, but you seem to be away. Maybe with your son. Ah... Listen, since the unfortunate incident with Subject 1... there's been a lot of dire talk around the office about my Animus project... about shutting it down... about it being unsafe... typical top-brass bull-shit. And if they shut me down, then your Surrogate Initiative goes away too. I'm sure you're already well aware of that. Well, let me be the first to assure you: this will not happen. I will NOT let them take this from me. From us. I will not one death... of an undiagnosed epileptic, I should add... I will not let this destroy the decades of incredible research done by our predecessors, and the five years I have spent perfecting the Animus. There is still more work to be done. And countless rewards to be reaped. So... I wanted you to be the first to know... I have decided to volunteer myself as my second subject. I am convinced that the Animus is perfectly safe, provided I stay within the boundaries of my own ancestral bloodline. Next week I plan to prove this by staying a full FOUR hours in the Animus. I would be grateful to you [sic] if you and your team would monitor my progress. And after this necessary but ridiculous proof of concept, I give you my word that I will work closely to solve your outstanding problems. Your Surrogate Initiative is a bold idea, and I do believe it is the future of the Animus project. But while we have the Animus itself, I do not want to waste precious opportunities to prove its safety. I'll see you in the office on Monday. Goodbye.

[Phone connection dies]
[Recording ends, cutting to static]

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