Subject Zero - audio file 206:21

Subject Zero - audio file 2

Audio files recorded from a collection of reel-to-reel tapes found in the residence of the late Dr. Warren Vidic.

  • Voiceover: Surrogate Initiative, Test Session 27. October 21st, 1980. Host, Aileen Bock. DNA Sample, SB1970.

[Tape begins]

  • Gestapo Officer: Miriam. My dear girl, there is no good reason for you to be here. But your intransigence requires that I detain you until you give me information I can act upon. The location of the artifact perhaps. Or the whereabouts of your leader, Barthel Schink. Just a little something to give Minister Goebbels some... encouragement that we are on the right track.
  • Miriam: How about a nice hug? He looks so sad in all his photographs.
  • Gestapo Officer: Yes, he does doesn't he. Perhaps you could pay him a visit yourself. He likes beautiful women. Actresses. Musicians.
  • Miriam: Pirates?
  • Gestapo Officer: That's right, pirates. Pirates of the Edelweiss? Isn't that what you kids call yourselves? It's very amusing... and illegal, of course.
  • Miriam: Breaking Hitler's laws IS half the fun.
  • Gestapo Officer: Oh, I imagine so. I imagine you were having a wonderful time just before we captured you and your insurgent friends...

[Tape ends, cutting to static]

  • Satish: And that's the end of it.
  • Aileen: Dammit. Why can't we sustain the signal for more than a few minutes? I need to relax.
  • Satish: That's not the issue. This is dangerous work. These memories aren't in your bloodline. That's why it's not holding.
  • Aileen: There's got to be a solution.
  • Satish: Any idea what they mean by "The Artifact"? I've heard that a few times now.
  • Aileen: Not sure. I don't think Miriam knew much either. Not much comes into her mind when he asks about it.
  • Satish: But she's protecting the other members of her group. The Edelweiss Pirates or something?
  • Aileen: Yeah, Barthel Schink. Have we looked him up?
  • Satish: No. We can.
  • Aileen: We should. Put your intern on it.
  • Satish: Right. High priority.
  • Aileen: Yeah. This isn't getting any easier, Jesus.

[Heavy static]
[A phone rings]

  • Seamus: Hello?
  • Aileen: Hi Seamus. It's mom.
  • Seamus: Hey.
  • Aileen: How are you–
  • Seamus: DAD! IT'S MOM!

[Aileen sighs in exasperation]

  • Karl: Hello? Aileen?
  • Aileen: Hi, Karl. How's Seamus?
  • Karl: Great. We were out shopping for school clothes.
  • Aileen: Yeah. The Summer just sped by
  • Karl: They all do.
  • Aileen: I never seem to notice. No windows in the office.
  • Karl: Right. Trapped in the lab. So did you need to talk?
  • Aileen: Yes, sorry. I was curious about your mother, actually.
  • Karl: Oh... Ok.
  • Aileen: How much did she talk about the war when you were growing up?
  • Karl: Not often. Bits and pieces. Why?
  • Aileen: I was doing some research last week... about the [sic] World War Two... and something came up about the Edelweiss Pirates? Or the Navajos. And your Mother's name popped up.
  • Karl: Really? That's an odd coincidence.
  • Aileen: Does any of that ring a bell?
  • Karl: Yeah. Mom ran with the group while the war was on. They were a group of kids who wanted to avoid the Hitler Youth programs. But in later years they escalated their activities to, uh... bigger ideas. Like vandalism and sabotage.
  • Aileen: But why Navajos... and pirates?
  • Karl: Just some of the names they used. Navajos. Edelweiss pirates. You know kids. They wore little pins, little flowers. I may still have hers.
  • Aileen: That's interesting.
  • Karl: And this is for work? Researching my mother?
  • Aileen: Not exactly. But... sorry, I can't talk about it.
  • Karl: Right. You never could.
  • Aileen: Hey. Don't. I didn't mean to be flippant.
  • Karl: No, don't mind me. All for the greater good.
  • Aileen: I like to think so.

[Heavy static]

  • Aileen: Ah!
  • Satish: Power down! You all right?
  • Aileen: Dammit! Five months of this bullshit! We're floundering.
  • Satish: Take it easy, Aileen. You're just stressed.
  • Aileen: I am not stressed, I am frustrated! I'd like to go again this afternoon.
  • Satish: No. There is no reason to rush this.
  • Aileen: We're hardly rushing! We're running into the same wall, over and over again! Why can't we push through? Why can't you keep me in the Animus longer than two minutes?
  • Satish: Because Surrogate Genetic Memory data is fragile. The EEG is exploding and your brain is doing too much work! The longer you stay in, the more damage it does. It's even possible that...
  • Aileen: Possible that...?
  • Satish: It's possible the memories we're digging into could eventually overwrite your own. Like information on a tape drive. There's just not enough space in your head to do both–

[A door opens]

  • Vidic: Here I come to save the day! Good afternoon all.
  • Aileen: Did you invite him?
  • Satish: No.
  • Vidic: But you DID! Remember?
  • Aileen: That was months ago, Warren. What do you need?
  • Vidic: I wanted to stop by. Check on your progress.
  • Aileen: Well, apparently it's still too dangerous to keep me under for more than a few minutes.
  • Vidic: Hm. I always suspected that would be your biggest hurdle. The genetic memory sequencing is the easy part, if time consuming. But the replay... that's something else.
  • Aileen: Yes.
  • Vidic: Let's think this through. My Subjects are diving into their OWN genetic memories, so the information is already coded in their heads.
  • Aileen: Which means the Animus has less work to do. Less computing, less parsing...
  • Satish: Right. So to get your Surrogate data working – to let people experience foreign memories – it'll take a hell of a lot more processing power than anyone has. Even Abstergo Industries.
  • Aileen: Ideally, we'd like to build an external processor the mirrors as many brain functions as possible. Something to handle the calculations.
  • Satish: But the cost and upkeep of that would be...
  • Vidic: Astronomical. Let me see what I can do. I have some sway with Lillian. We won't have to build Rome in day, but if we focus on the pretty buildings first, maybe we'll achieve something.
  • Aileen: Thank you, Warren.
  • Vidic: 'Till next, folks!

[Recording ends, cutting to heavy static]

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