Subject Zero - audio file 1

Subject Zero - audio file 1

Audio files recorded from a collection of reel-to-reel tapes found in the residence of the late Dr. Warren Vidic.

  • Voiceover: Timestamp August 16, 2013. The following audio clips were selected from over one hundred and sixty hours of reel-to-reel tape, found in the residence of the late Doctor Warren Vidic, following his murder in December, 2012. According to labels on the tape's canisters, these recordings were made over a 14 month period between 1980 and 1981 without the consent of their primary subject, Mrs. Aileen Bock, a colleague of Dr. Vidic's and the originator of Abstergo's Surrogate Initiative. Mrs. Bock is now deceased. It should be stated unequivocally that Dr. Vidic made these recordings illegally and of his own volition, using wire-taps and hidden microphones. Abstergo Industries has no knowledge of his actions, and disavows and responsibility for them.

[Voiceover ends. Recording begins with static]

  • Satish: And we're live. Capacitors at full. Ease the signal in. A little more. You feel anything?
  • Aileen: Don't be timid. Double it.
  • Satish: No, we're taking it easy. Twenty percent.
  • Aileen: Thirty.
  • Satish: Aileen, go easy. We're 6 past yesterday.
  • Aileen: And boost the inputs.
  • Satish: Too risky.
  • Aileen: Not if we split the I/O signals.
  • Satish: Twenty-five percent. Ease up.
  • Aileen: Ah, Okay! There! I see something... I...
  • Satish: What is it?
  • Aileen: (My God.) I hear talking.
  • Satish: You're okay?
  • Aileen: (Yes, I hear talking!)... It's... its German... (My name is Miriam Kurtz...) I see a light. It's cold. (I'll say nothing!)... there's a man with me ...(I've told you all I will!)
  • Satish: Keep an eye on her vitals.
  • Aileen: (My name is Miriam Kurtz, and I am a Navajo!) Des Hitlers Zwang / der macht uns klein / noch liegen wir in Ketten. / Doch einmal werden wir wieder frei, / wir werden die Ketten schon brechen. (Hitler's dictates make us small / and we are bound in chains / But one day again we shall walk tall / no binds will us, restrain.)
  • Satish: Aileen?
  • Aileen: Denn unsere Fäuste, die sind hart / ja–und die Messer sitzen lose / für die Freiheit der Jugend / kämpfe Navajos! (For hard are our fists / Yes! And knives at our wrists / for youth to be free / Navajos lay siege!)

[Aileen laughs weakly]

  • Satish: Switch off!
  • Scientist: Powering down!
  • Aileen: Kämpft Navajos! (Navajos lay siege!!)
  • Satish: Get her out of there!

[A chamber opens. Aileen again laughs weakly]

  • Satish: Oxygen. Open the valve!
  • Aileen: No. No, Satish, I'm... I'm fine. Really.
  • Satish: Quit the heroics. Just breathe.
  • Aileen: Ah...
  • Satish: Better?
  • Aileen: Yes... Yes, thank you. Did we get something?
  • Satish: It'll take a while to parse. What did you see?
  • Aileen: It wasn't just seeing... it was feeling. Being. I was... I was scared.
  • Satish: You were shouting in German.
  • Aileen: I think I was IN Germany. I was in Germany, Satish.

[Heavy static]

  • Satish: Good morning. Well rested?
  • Aileen: Exhausted. Yesterday was... an incredible find.
  • Satish: Seems so. What did it feel like?
  • Aileen: It's foggy but I... I relived the memories of a young German woman. Early twenties, I think. A man was interrogating me. Looming over me and asking questions. He as shouting but I was shouting back. And then this... this poem just came out. Like a chant.
  • Satish: Fascinating. I'm eager for you to hear the tape.
  • Aileen: Is it ready?
  • Satish: Yeah. [sic] We transliterated the data into an audio file. Took all night to process the language.
  • Aileen: Spool it up.
  • Satish: Of course. Have a seat. Judging by the subject matter, and the setting, I'd say you landed somewhere in Germany in the 1940s. One or two generations back. During the War, I'd imagine.
  • Aileen: 1940s Germany? That would be Miriam Kurtz. My ex-husband's mother.
  • Satish: So... she's not related to you in any way?
  • Aileen: God, I hope not. I'd hate to find out my ex-husband is also my brother.
  • Satish: Well, if it was Miriam Kurtz, then we hit a home run. You tapped into someone else's bloodline entirely.
  • Aileen: Should we celebrate?
  • Satish: We'll listen first...
  • Voiceover: Surrogate Initiative, Test Session 23. July 29th, 1980. Host, Aileen Brock. DNA Sample, SB1970.
  • Satish: It's a little garbled at first. This is you settling into the memory.

[Tape plays]

  • Gestapo Officer: Your name, say it!
  • Miriam: My name is Miriam Kurtz.
  • Gestapo Officer: Louder!
  • Miriam: My name is Miriam Kurtz, and I am a Navajo!
  • Gestapo Officer: Where did you last see the Artifact? Who holds it now?
  • Miriam: I'll say nothing. I've told you all I will.
  • Gestapo Officer: I don't believe that it true. Who has the artifact?
  • Miriam: Hitler's dictates make us small, and we are bound in chains. But one day again we shall walk tall, no binds will us, restrain. For hard are our fists, Yes! And knives at our wrists, for youth to be free, Navajos lay siege!
  • Gestapo Officer: Lock her away!
  • Miriam: Navajos lay siege!

[Tape ends]

  • Satish: And that's where we pull you out.
  • Aileen: Wow. What would it take to get a visual render of all that?
  • Satish: Months, unfortunately. It took thirteen hours just to process the audio. Visual takes much longer.
  • Aileen: But Vidic is able to record audio and visual in real-time. How does he do it?
  • Satish: His subjects are exploring their own generic memories. That requires much less processing power on–

[A phone buzzes]

  • Aileen: Hold on, sorry. Aileen here.
  • Woman: Hello. You have a 10 o'clock in Lillian's office. It's 10:13 now.
  • Aileen: Shit! I'm sorry. Tell her I'll be right there. And... tell her we have some good news.
  • Woman: No problem.
  • Satish: You in trouble?
  • Aileen: The monthly progress report. I try to be honest about our progress, but no matter how much I try to polish our facts, Warren Vidic swoops in, promising the moon for pennies, and gets ten-times the funding for his Animus Project.
  • Satish: Well, we are using his Animus technology... he's the foundation, we're the skyscraper.
  • Aileen: Which is why he should be a tech lead, not a Project Director. Good work, Satish.

[Heavy static]

  • Vidic: It's incredible footage, really. Clear and vivid. And the Subject was synched for a full sixty-two minutes. Came out speaking French after his last session. Passably fluent. And with the full recall of everything he'd gone through–

[Door opens and closes]

  • Aileen: Sorry. Sorry, I'm late. I was reviewing some data.
  • Lillian: It's fine. Warren was just telling us bout his first Subject. Mister...?
  • Vidic: No names. Call him Subject One. Confidentiality.
  • Lillian: And how about you, Aileen? What's your good news?
  • Aileen: Well... We did it. We synched with an unembedded memory. Outside the bloodline. That's a first.
  • Vidic: Really?
  • Aileen: Satish was able to process the audio today. A short clip. You can hear it for yourself.
  • Lillian: Only audio? No real-time memory feeds like Vidic has?
  • Aileen: Well, that's the difficulty with Surrogate Genetic Memory data. Because I'm viewing memories NOT embedded in my own DNA, we can't rely on cognitive faculties to help me process the signal. All we can do is record the raw data and transliterate it later.
  • Lillian: Hold on... you're running this experiment on yourself?
  • Aileen: I am. It's going well.
  • Lillian: I don't like the sound of that.
  • Aileen: Look, the sample I'm using... the DNA comes from my own son. It's safer this way.
  • Vidic: Ah, good thinking.
  • Aileen: Fifty percent of my son's DNA is also mine, which reduces the danger by a huge margin. Meaning I can now explore the memories of people who aren't directly related to me, on his father's side.
  • Vidic: But for brief periods of time, I imagine...
  • Aileen: Right. Just a minute or two, so far. But we're getting there. Come by the lab and listen for yourself.
  • Vidic: I will, when I have a moment. Unfortunately, work beckons. Ladies...

[Door opens and closes]

  • Aileen: That man is colder than a San Francisco summer.
  • Lillian: Stay focused, Aileen. You both have important work to do.
  • Aileen: Obviously. But my work requires HIS Animus technology. I feel a little caged in.
  • Lillian: That's collaboration, Aileen. It's how science works. I shouldn't have to remind you.
  • Aileen: I know. I'm just... tired. Stop by and see us today. We have a lot to share. If not today, then this week sometime. Thank you.

[Door opens and closes]
[Recording ends]