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This is a work of fanon, constructed by Strykes.
It is a piece of Fan Non-Canon, meaning it contradicts existing canonical ideas.
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Trevor in Assassin Wear, 1899

"I'm not here to make amends. I'm not here to negotiate. I'm here to simply kill, and kill."

Trevor kills the main Templar responsible for the Civil War.

Trevor Jason Wilson I was an American Assassin, born during the American Civil War in 1879. His father, Jason William, was the current mentor of the Assassins, but died due to a conspiracy by the Templars monitoring and controlling the Civil War. Trevor is a well-respected and influential Assassin, having become the Mentor at just 33 years of age, and leaving a mark on the Assassins that would go on for decades and eventually his bloodline reached Charlie Wilson, a modern Assassin in the present day. He appears to have a concentrated dose of Eagle Vision (or Eagle Sense) as he was able to hold the Apple and use it's effects by just thinking it; his eyes glow purple as a result, leading people to think of him as some kind of monster. Trevor, despite his brutish nature, is a kind person; he took black slaves, and gave them food, water, clothing and a few Assassin dens as their home. The black slaves never became slaves and joined the Assassins as a sign of gratitude (Trevor never believed in racism). His ancestor is also Jean-Jacques Francois II, a French Assassin. They both share a descendant; Charlie Wilson.


Trevor was born in an unknown village called the 'Compound', which consisted of numerous Assassins teaching their children how to become Assassins. Out of all the children in the village, Trevor showed incredible agility and strength, just gaining Master Assassin at 15. His parents showed him compassion and love, leading him to have a better outlook on life than the other Assassins. After his friend betrayed the Assassins, which resulted in his father's death, Trevor lost his cool and assassinated his friend, and even disrespected his corpse after doing so.


Trevor Wilson, commanding the Assassins.


In the upcoming comic, Trevor will now continue his father's work and end the Civil War, which he does eventually end by removing the main Templar. Soon, Trevor will also travel to Paris to see his ancestor's legacy, Acre to learn about his idol Altair, and also Monterrigioni to visit the Auditore Villa, where he will learn how to fight less agressively and more efficiently like Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. (Trevor has learnt about Connor Kenway from his father.)

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