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This is a work of fanon, constructed by Xangr8.
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(Note for the reader: Readers are advised to first read Assassin's Creed: The Missing Piece to understand and enjoy the story.)

Assassin's Creed: The Forgotten Piece
Assassin's Creed Wiki
US release
August 5, 2012
EU release
August 5, 2012
Assassin's Creed: The Forgotten Piece is the second part of The Piece trilogy and is a sequel to Assassin's Creed:The Missing Piece in which the journey of the stone continues.

Prologue: 72 Days LaterEdit

Two scuba divers sent by Abstergo were searching the seas near New York City when suddenly a diver said.

Scuba Diver 1: Look what I found!

Scuba Diver 2: Isnt this the Igneous stone!?

Scuba Diver 1: Yes, at last we have found the thing we were searching for. Gotta get back to our boat now.

The divers picked up the stone and resurfaced .Then they got back into their boat.

Scuba Diver 2: Lets get back to the facility.

Chapter 1: The AssassinsEdit

At the assassins' hideout they had come to know that Abstergo had the stone.

Michelle: But didn't Jayson already destroy it!?

Michelle, an assassin and a skilled thief and uses her stealth and martial arts skill. She also uses her acrobatic skills during combat.


Jayson and Michelle.

Michelle: Amanda give me the current status of the stone.

Amanda: Its at the abstergo's facility in New York City under heavy security.

Michelle: I am gonna get the stone back!

From the shadows rose a figure and said.

Jayson: No, you are not going there. We gotta wait for the right time. They are soon gonna transport it to St. Petersburg in a cargo plane which will be heavily guarded before takeoff. But we have to get the stone to the South Vault before its too late.

Michelle: Maybe we can jump from a plane onto the cargo plane and get in somehow, take the stone and skydive from it.

Jayson: Nice plan Michelle!

Chapter 2: The JumpEdit

Michelle and Jayson reached the airport on time.

Michelle: There is our jet.

When they reached their jet, the cargo plane had already departed.

Jayson: Damn! We gotta be quick!

Pilot: Sir, we gotta wait for the signal.

A few minutes later their jet was airborne, they hovered above the cargo plane. Jayson and Michelle were ready to jump.

Jayson: 5...4...3...2...1...Jump!

ACTPF Cargo shield

Jayson taking the person as a human shield with Abstergo guards around him.

The door opened and they jumped. Jayson took out his SMGs and kept firing at the cockpit window broke in through the windows of the cockpit. Jayson and Michelle got in the cockpit. Jayson banged the co-pilot's head on the system and shot him in his head and forced the pilot to take the plane to London. They exited the cockpit and reached the cargo room. There they found a metal cage in which the stone was kept in a plastic case then suddenly Jayson saw a guard behind a cargo box. He took him as a human shield and opened the cargo door. Till that time Michelle had cracked the metal cage and took the plastic case and passed it to Jayson and he put the case in his pocket.


Jayson shooting the Abstergo agents.

Jayson: Michelle jump!

Jayson jumped with the man and Michelle followed him. Some abstergo agents jumped out of the plane with parachutes and tried to shoot Jayson and Michelle. Jayson used the man as a human shield and was saved from the bullets. Then he took out his SMGs and started shooting the Abstergo agents with Michelle. After they had got rid of Abstergo, Jayson and Michelle pulled their parachute strings and safely landed at London.

Chapter 3: CountdownEdit

Michelle: Shit! Abstergo knows we are at London!

Jayson: The South Vault. We gotta get there. But how? Maybe we should rest at a nearby hotel for tonight.


Abstergo Special Tactical Unit.

They stayed at a hotel named Louvre, in room no. 72. It was evening time and Jayson and Michelle were discussing about their journey to the South Vault. Then suddenly a smokebomb was thrown inside the room from the window by ASTU, short for Abstergo Special Tactical Unit. When the smoke dissappeared the ASTU agents found out that the room was empty except for a glass container which was kept on the table in which there was another glass case, and when they opened it they found a time bomb with three seconds on it.

Chapter 4: The Train To HellEdit

Jayson and Michelle were in a train near Mount Kapalla, The Alps.
The Alps

The train near Mount Kapalla.

They were sitting near the window and talking to each other. Jayson had the stone in his pocket. Suddenly ASTU agents jumped from a chopper onto the train and broke in through the windows and threw smokebombs. Simultaneously another train was passing parallel to the train in which Jayson and Michelle were. Jayson got up.

Jayson: They are here!

He held Michelle's hand and opened the door and jumped into the passing train. The ASTU agents entered their compartment and found it empty. The ASTU agents' commander, Dennis Via commanded the chopper to openfire on the trains. Jayson and Michelle ducked to save themselves from the ambush. Jayson took out the stone from his pocket and used his powers to survive the ambush. He used the stone to freeze the time and escape the attack with Michelle.

Chapter 5: Il MentorEdit

Jayson and Michelle were on a flight to Cairo. When they arrived there, a limousine was waiting for them at the airport. They were welcomed by an old man in his 40s in formal wear. He was The Mentor of the Assassin Order.

Jayson: Who are you?

Il Mentor: I am the Mentor.

Michelle: You exist!?

The Mentor smiled. While they were on their way to the headquarters.

Il Mentor: I have heard that you two have an artifact. It is a stone. Isn't it?

Jayson: Yes, we do have it.

Il Mentor: Maybe I can help you get the stone to the South Vault.

All of a sudden a bullet was fired from a nearby building but was stopped by the bulletproof glass of the limo.

Jayson: Its the ASTU!

Jayson took out the stone and used its powers to escape the ambush with The Mentor and Michelle.

Epilogue: The JourneyEdit

When they reached the headquarters, they planned their journey to the South Vault.

Il Mentor: I will arrange a chopper for you people. If you are lucky you will safely be able to get to Cape Town. And I advise you people to not to underestimate the stone's powers.

The following night, the chopper arrived at the headquarter's helipad.

Jayson: So we're leaving mentor.

Jayson and Michelle got in the chopper and left. A few minutes later, all of a sudden, an ASTU agent from a nearby rooftop, shot the pilot of the chopper, leading to the chopper's crash. Jayson and Michelle had jumped off the chopper before it crashed on the ground and fell unconcious on a rooftop. An ASTU agent approached them and took Jayson's stone. When Jayson woke up, he found himself in a cell at Abstergo's Facility in Cairo and Michelle's fate was unknown.


Continued in Assassin's Creed: The Lost Piece


  • Jayson and Michelle stayed at Hotel Louvre which is a reference to Musee du Louvre where Leonardo da Vinci 's famous painting, Mona Lisa is kept.
    • The room no. 72 is a reference to the number 72 .


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