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Rigorie Tenzaak is an Italian assassin, and the main character of Assassin's Creed 1.5 (Not yet made). He was born in 1321 A.D.


He wears assassin robes similar to Altair's, however Rigorie's has no hood at all. He also wears a hooded cloak, that looks a little more like a cape. He has rarely been seen without his hooded cloak, but without it, he has short, very light brown hair, that is fairly messy and parted a little to the left.


He is highly cynical, and quite angry and mean for an assassin. He shows no mercy, and he seems willing to hurt civilians in order to achieve his goal. He is also cold and rational.


He is very slightly less stealthy than other assassins (almost like Altair), yet he can make himself unseen, invisible, if he wishes. He is best with a small axe, and can use a hidden blade as a normal weapon better than an average sword.


Weapons he usually carries

  • Light Battle Axe
  • Extra Long Hidden Blade
  • Heavy Hidden Gun
  • Standard Stilleto Dagger
  • Hookblade


He was born into a Christian family in the year 1321. His family was murdered in front of his eyes at a young age. He learned how to fight, he caused as much trouble as he could, he was found by the Assassin's Order at the age of 17, and became a Master Assassin by the age of 23, soon after he moved to Calais, France, in the year 1345.

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