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This is a work of fanon, constructed by Wytod3000500.
It is a piece of FanCanon, meaning it does not contradict existing canonical ideas.
This article is not to be edited by any user other than the one named above, unless circumstances are exceptional.
This creation could be categorized as a Story.

Ishak ran down the street, doging bystanders left and right. He snuck a quick glance back to see if he could identify his pursuers. They were Templar soldiers bearing bright red crosses on their otherwise white tunics. They wore belts with swords strapped on them and leather gloves, covered by metal bracers. On their feet were metal greaves and on their haeds were gleaming helmets of iron. A knife whizzed past Ishak's head and buried itself in a woman wearing an emerald green tuic, who was buying fruit from a vendor about ten feet away. The woman sank to the ground,gushing out blood-turning the street into a sticky crimson pool. Ishak continued to run, leaping over the crumpled woman. Ishak pivoted on his heel and took a sharp left, continuing down a back alley. When he reached the end he started to run up the wall before springing off and grabbing the lip of the building adjacent. Ishak kept running, never stopping to look back, never taking a breather because he knew the moment he rested some knife would come at him, burying itself in his own chest. Ishak pictured himself like the woman, laying on the roof with blood pouring out of him, slowly bleeding out. A stitch quickly formed in Ishak's side but he dared not stop. He grabbed at his siade as he continued to jump from rooftop to roof top. Ishak could see that two rooftops away it would be a long plummet onto the hard ground but despite that he trusted his gut. He pulled two throwing knives of his own out of his belt while he ran. The two rofftops seemed to take forever to get across, especially when he could hear the pounding footsteps of a Templar right behind him. When Ishak reached the edge of the roof he leapt oout into nothingness. In mid-air Ishaak turned and threw the knives at the Templar standing at the edge, watching him. Time slowed as the knives flew threw th air but they followed their paths, one ending in the soldier's chest and the other emmbedding itself deep into the man's eyesocket. The man screamed and fell. He hit the ground with a splat and blood spatter everywhere. Ishak fell, expecting the same fate to befall himself but it did not. Ishak opened his eyes and found himself atop a humongus amount of hay. He wasted no time and after clambering out of the hay he was off again to kill another day.

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