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Joseph Kenoy
Joseph Kenoy at the age of 27
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ACFanon:The Missing Piece

Joseph was a British assassin during the 15th century AD, at the time of Ezio Auditore. He was the ancestor of the assassin Simon Kenoy


Born in the year 1487 in the English city of London. His mother and father were executed in the year 1490 by Lorne Bonemarte, an executioner. He was then brought up by John Sullivian, the master assassin of the British assassins. At the age of 20 he was successful in assassinating Lorne Bonemarte. In the year 1510 he met the master assassin, Ezio Auditore in Rome and served him as his recruit. In he year 1517 he got married to Solana. One day in 1522 he went to a church in Rome but never came back. Later it was known that he was assassinated by a former assassin who became a templar, Senano.


Joseph about to be executed by Senano

Equipments and skillsEdit

Joseph commonly used a hidden blade, bladed sai, a crossbow and a dagger.


Joseph is a person who feels a bit shy when introducing himself to people. But still he is an aggressive person.


  • Joseph was planned to be an American assassin.
  • Joseph was supposed to be older than Ezio.
  • Joseph was earlier brought up by a toystore owner, Kemeny Thompson until it changed to John Sullivian, the master assassin of the British assassins.


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