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This is a work of fanon, constructed by Mrg4744.
It is a piece of Fan Non-Canon, meaning it contradicts existing canonical ideas.
This article is not to be edited by any user other than the one named above, unless circumstances are exceptional.
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Hidden Destiny
Hidden Destiny Title Image
US release
20/October/2011 (Spanish Version) 31/March/2012 (English Version)
EU release
20/October/2011 (Original Version 31/March/2012 (English Version)
Action, Adventure, Thriller, Drama (sort of)
Spanish, English (Pilot and first chapter)
"I'm just another pawn on the board... But what about you assassin?"
―"The Hitman"[src]
Hidden Destiny is a fanfiction novel written by Mrg4744, it tells the story of Dan, a new recruit of the order of the modern-day assassins, his way through it and his “quest” to discover not just how to accomplish his difficult mission the Assassins gave him, but to discover who he is and what really means to be an assassin.

The novel has 13 chapters so far (including the pilot), only two has been translated into english by the same author as a test to see if the story is well received by english-speaking public.

Also, the novel is divided into 3 parts, every part has 10 chapters, and every part represents the 3 parts of the journey that the assassins and Dan need to accomplish. The entire translation is not confirmed.

More translations will be made if requested by readers

Pilot/One-Shot ChapterEdit

Author's Note: I made A LOT of effort translating my story, so please while you read it, take that in mind, also, if you want, you could help me to correct the grammar stuff, seriously, my english may be good, but it's not perfect. Well, that was all, corrections and more information will be uploaded shortly

Your comments will be highly appreciated ^^

Ps. To see the spanish/original version, visit this page

Pps. The pilot is like a One-Shot story, but the novel... Well, that's obvious

Ppps. Thanks Odranoelluta for helping me out about the article making! I'm such a noob about wikis

Pppps. I need to stop using these ^


Pilot ChapterEdit

The moonlight was streaming through the windows of the office, the employer, with the seal of the Templars on his blue suit, was sitting looking at a picture, in his big leather chair in front of his wooden desk, decorated and filled with various simple implements like post-its, the PC, the stapler, and etcetera. It was an office of an important man, therefore, that man had the freedom to decorate his workspace as much as he desired. Next to the photo observed by the Templar, a phone suddenly rings.

“Sir! Sir! Try to listen to me!" - Shouted one of his guards.

Shots were heard in the background and bumps everywhere, people falling to the ground and a lot of killing, a complete chaos.


The call ended abruptly and the Templar employer very scared tries to flee, but, when rising from his chair the door falls right in front of him. A loud bang is heard from the fall of the door making the Templar cover his ears, then when he looks up, the Assassin already stands as a shadow before him. The Assassin walks slowly and then vigorously attacks the Templar holding his Battle Stick as a weapon. The Templar, intercepts the attack by holding the stick at midair, nudges him in the face, and the Assassin goes back and says:

“Ha! you Templars have improved your defenses... but you stay in the past"

Quickly the Assassin pulls a gun out and shoots the Templar in the hand, calmly, cold blooded.


Then ran, grabbed the Templar in the back, kicked him in the back of the knee leaving him kneeling on the floor, and then grabbed his neck... The Assassin, still holding the Templar by the neck, puts his gun closer to the nape of the Templar, the Templar feels a chill as he felt the cold tip of the gun touching him, then, the Assassin calmly speak in his ear.

“Listen to me well, Templar...”

The Templar forget the fear of death and start to shake and tries to escape, but the Assassin has also seized his arms and feet, making the effort useless.

"You will regret this you idiot!" - Bravely shouts the Templar.

“Aren’t you afraid to die!? Relax!" – Answers the Assassin.

“Rot in hell Assassin!”

The Assassin grabs the Templar more strongly and hits him in the head with the back of his gun, leaving him unconscious. The Assassin gets up, looks at the Templar and says placing a finger into an earpiece in his ear.

“Work completed, I’ll send the prisoner to base 23, It’s unconscious, over. "

“Good, but be careful about incapacitating objectives, you could kill him with that! Next time, use the serum I gave you... Oh, and forget the “Over”, it really bothers me. "

“Ok, now sending Templar..."

...The Templar wake up, tied to a chair forged the floor, with arms and legs immobilized, full of wires in his right arm, and many other wires not connected to him but connected to the chair, on the right of the Templar, a strange machine that he could not recognize. It is almost total darkness, the only source of light is in the window, the same moonlight that was in the office. Dizzy and sore the Templar looks up and sees the same Assassin who hit him, standing in front of him, in a relaxed position.

“Looks like you had a rowdy trip you know, now, to save trouble and time for me as well as for you, tell me who is the third member of the agreement you just completed."



The Assassin turns on a lamp at his side, lighting up the room a little more. It's a room of an abandoned building with concrete walls that seemed that wasn’t really painted, only had traces of old graffiti. The Assassin sits in a small metal chair in front of the Templar. They spend a few seconds of silence, and without saying anything, the Assassin punches the Templar, leaving him bleeding from the nose.

"It seems that I was unclear... Who was the third member?"


“How creative... So am I”

The Assassin, takes a control out of his pocket and presses a button on it. The Templar is electrocuted, but it’s only a tingling that scares more than it hurts.

"Wha- what have you done?"

“"For every time you do not give me a clear answer, or you insult me... The voltage will rise slightly."


"Listen carefully, you cooperate, or you die... You decide"

"You want me alive so you won’t kill me!" –The Templar responds laughing confidently.

“So we'll make you wish you were dead." - Answer the Assassin, bringing his face to the scared Templar, frowning.

That Abstergo employer, Templar, and powerful, almost peed himself from hearing these words. The Templars had taught him that, if caught, never cooperate, be aggressive, and also fight to the death for the sake of the Templars. The problem is, that this man was a Templar, but did not feel as a Templar, and he was not willing to fight for the entire Templar cause, motivation in him did not have the same level as the other men like him, or even the motivation of lower charge men. Unlike most others, the Templar became a Templar for the money, not the concept or the mentality of Templars. And that, will play against him.

“I won’t speak.”

“Yes you will, who is the third man?”

“I won’t speak.”

The Assassin releases his hidden blade and threatens the Templar by bringing the blade to the throat.

“You know who was.”

“I won’t speak.”

The Templar's voice trembles, the Assassin retracts the blade and sits back again... Electrocutes the Templar, and then speak

"I just turned on a polygraph-like device specially designed for this interrogation... We will know if you hide any information or not, speak."

“I don’t know what are you talking about”

A red light turns on for some seconds... The Assassin looks at the Templar.

“There's something weird, according to this, you know.”

“No... No... I... I won’t say anything.”

“You do not look very close to the Templars.”

“I would do anything for them, I would kill you if I could!”

Red Light turns on...

“Wow..." - The Assassin raises eyebrows while looking stunned by the result

“Wow what?"

“Who are you?”– The Assassin, leaves his cold tone, now, is more serious, but also, in a more “human” tone, the Assassin was with curiosity.

“I am Gabriel, manager of the division of-“

“Don’t tell me crap and tell me who you are.”

“..." - The Templar is now silent and then lowered his head

There was something very strange in that man for the Assassin... His will was not like others, not much violence was now needed for the interrogation, also, the Templar was hiding something, but... The Assassin doesn’t know exactly what. The Assassin will have to use psychology now to discover the secret and so quench his curiosity.

“You have a family, right?”


Green Light turns on...

“Well, do you imagine what it would happen if you disappear for them?"

The Assassin sees a tear on the face of the Templar.

"What if I let you out, would you tell me the information?"

“Umm... I... Don’t know... Really... I really don’t know...”

Green Light turns on...

“You know nothing?”

“Please ... whoever you are, I beg you, let me out of here, I want to see my family, please, my children, my wife" - The Templar moves and shakes, tears are falling from his eyes, he was really pleading.

{C}The Assassin gets up and turns off the light... Leaves the room and let the Templar in the dark.

Outside the room, the Assassin starts to talk on his earpiece again.

"Hey, this man is not a Templar."

"Yes he is, one of the most powerful men of Abstergo"

"Yes it's true, but he doesn’t think like one."

"Look, this man has done very bad things."

“Tell me, what information you have on his family”

"Well, according to this, he was in a very bad situation, in poverty, but the Templars found him and recruited him to use his talents."

“Please tell me it's not manipulation."

"No, in fact, it's good with finances, ironic right?"

“I’d say sad.”

“Sad?! Dan, it’s a Templar! Works for Abstergo!"

“Hey! careful with saying my name... Besides, remember, we must be as brief and concise as we can in our conversations to save time and resources. In addition, it’s for safety, so do not be stupid and... Over"


“Yes, I know”

The Assassin cuts the transmition and enters to the room, sits back and says to the templar.

"Do you want to be Templar?"

“Wha- Ehm... Of course... I-I have everything, fame, power and"

…Red Light

"You can stop pretending"


The Templar was perplexed and terrified of course, his tears become cries.

"You know nothing! before Abstergo found me I was broke! I was found, I was drafted, they saved my family, I got power!"

“And they used you as a bait, you have lied and used well. They treated you like someone but you were nothing."

“What? Wait, how did you...”

The Assassin gets up and makes a sign pointing at the Templar.

"Brothers, we have the wrong man, according to the data from Abstergo, he is one of the 3 Abstergo employers responsible for the agreement, but in reality, he is only a man of the people in the robes of nobility, release him, it has absolutely nothing to do with all of this."

Behind the interrogation chair, 2 Assassins with masks appeared, they had been watching the entire session behind the Templar just in case something happens, they were in silence in the shadows, they were perfect to monitor the interrogation.

"But, sir, are you sure?"

"I said release him."

Both Assassins actioned 2 levers behind the chair and the bonds of metal fell off. The man staggered up and then taken from the shoulders by the Assassin. The Assassin placed a cloth in the mouth to the Templar and everything becomes black.

The Templar finds himself in a port, just a few minutes from the city, lying on the floor. He gets up dizzy, and realizes where he was, then, when turning around, he finds the Assassin, the one who had interrogated him so aggressively and coldly, the Assassin comes close to the Templar as if nothing, removes his hood, and says calmly with a kindly tone while holding a money belt.

"Take this, remake your life, and don’t come back to the Templars, ever."

"But, b-ut they will find me..." - The Templar, still dizzy, stays stunned

"Do not worry, we’ll protect you if someone is looking for you. Also, Abstergo only had you to be a lure for us."


"They put false information about you in their database saying you were a powerful Templar, and that you were part of the agreement. But today, we know by an anonymous informant within the company that they actually paid you just for ordering the transactions of a little section of the company"

"That makes no sense..."

"Perhaps it makes sense that they have contracted a man for management, that has no resources and no prior education? And even if that man has not even worked or works as a manager?"

“What? You mean, they used me?"

The Assassin pass the money to the now ex-Templar and puts it in his pocket.

"Rebuild your life, reacquaint with your family and do not come back to this war... And if you need us, don’t look for us, we will find you."

The Assassin turns around, puts his hood on and quietly leaves the place. The Templar rubs his temple a little because of the dizziness... And shouts to the Assassin.


The Assassin turns his head.

"Why have you trusted me?"

"Because nothing is true, everything is permitted."

The Assassin jumps, climbs a wall and disappears from the view of the Templar...

The End

Thanks for reading...

Part 1Edit

Author's Note: I can't believe I forgot about translating this!!

Here's the first chapter, I hope this could help someone to get 'hooked' into the story... Maybe...

So... Here it is... Read it... Try to ignore the gramatical errors caused by the amateur translations (F*ck you Google Translator you didin't even gave a single 'correct sentence')... And... Comment if you can, and tell what do you think and if you want to see more.

Greetings and enjoy!

Chapter 1Edit

It was midnight, and Dan was in the middle of the balcony of his apartment, reading a book he found, he wanted to be more like a reader, but he lacked time, so, midnight was the best option for reading. He spent time reading for at least 1 hour, and he didin’t even felt the slightest bit of sleep. He needed to take advantage of these hours. Then, something very strange happened.

Shots were heard just above his apartment. After giving a little jump in the chair by the noise, he wondered where do they came from, his curiosity was killing him, he wanted to know what caused it, and where it happened, so, he rose up from his chair after leaving his book into the small wooden table that was at his side. He grabbed the bars of the balcony and looked up with a little neck stretching. He saw something amazing, a man with a white hooded garment (well, that’s what he recognized) who was squatting on the edge of the roof, right on the ledge, a few meters above Dan.

“Hey you!" – Dan shouted

The man ignored his words and did not move a single muscle. Just kept staring at the horizon.

Dan thought he could be a thief, and as a good Samaritan, he should call the police, he left the balcony trying not to make noise while walking and get to the phone. The phone line was cut...

After Dan revised to see if the cable was really cutted or something, he remembered the strange man and runs to the balcony, looking towards the same spot where the man was, he disappeared without trace.

The next morning, Dan had a normal day, a merely routine in fact, gets up, goes to work, returns from work, do the shopping etc, etc, etc ... A man who lives alone like him needed to maintain himself.

Upon returning home, he went to bed, and literally he threw on her and turned on the television. But, he crushed something, something like a sheet of paper, or something, so, he turned around and looked. Under the pillow he found something that surprised him, a letter. It was typewritten and had an old envelope, slightly damaged, and the strangest thing from it, it was that it had no information, no address, no sender, not even a "seal", nothing, just a letter which appeared under his pillow.

Dan takes the letter, getsout of bed and opens it

“Dan, go to Greenpark St. 29012, we will explain you later”

Dan took the letter lightly, laughed a little and then he save it in a drawer beside his bed. He went to her closet to change clothes and... More surprises... The closet was empty. Dan’s mouth was agape, Dan turns, and returns to the letter.

But then he stopped and thought, he could call the police, but, it would be futile because the phone line was still cut, the cellphone, Dan thought, he takes the phone aaaand... Nope, he had no signal. He just had 1 choice, go to that address and have faith.

He called a taxi and went to there.

The taxi arrives at the specified address, stops, and Dan gets off after paying the young driver. Then, when looking up, he saw only one house, it was completely burnt, it was almost just ​​coal. With the door and its foundation already destroyed, and the walls... Well, there weren’t any walls. Everything burned. He knew it was dangerous to enter and the situation was not the safest. But he approached the door walking and examined with the view the entry. A man with worn clothes runs to him, put his hand into Dan’s pocket, and in less than one second, he obtains Dan's wallet and runs off. Simple as that

"Hey! Give me that!"

"You'll have to catch me first!"

"Son of a...”

It begins a chase that lasts for a few meters, and the thief, as he went through the chase, he threw everything he saw to trip up Dan, shopping stalls, food stalls, boxes, trash cans, but Dan didin’t had any problem, he was able to jump and evade each one of the obstacles.

After running in a straight line down the street, the thief takes a sharp turn into an alley, takes a rope that was hunging there and then he shoots himself to the roof of while holding the rope as the rope pulls him up to the building next door. A small building with 4 floors. Dan, very angry, climbs some scaffolding that was there and runs through them up until then realizes that the scaffold does not reaches the rooftops, he jumps up, grabs the ledge, and climbs up to the ceiling. When he gets up, he saw the thief sitting in a pipe with wallet in hand, smiling.

Then they began a chase on the rooftops, the thief runs and jumps to another building and turns to Dan. Dan takes a few steps back, runs, and jumps to the other building. Then, just when he falls on the second building, the thief turns again and run, climb a pipe, and from the same pipe, he jumps a fence and falls... He sits back and looks at Dan.

Dan gets mad and jumps the fence, they begin to run and create a chase... Again... The strange thing was, that the thief, while running, he was not trying to lose Dan, in fact, he was controlling his speed as Dan ran to follow him, this gave a lot of suspicion to Dan... But he ran... He was being dragged by a sort of... Instinct.

They jumped from one building to another, climbed a wall, jumped, fell, rolled, and the chase continued for a long time. After a few seconds of running, jumping, climbing, and many other things thet Dan had to pass through to get his wallet, the thief stops suddenly, Dan rushes, finally grabs him and tells him while he grabs the worn jacket with his hands.

“Give me my wallet now!"

"There you have it"

The thief gives the wallet to Dan, Dan takes a wallet, he watch it, and then, when rising his gaze, he literally looks how the thief jumps off the building, opening his arms, leaving Dan perplexed, then, Dan approaches the edge of the roof to see where he fell... Nothing, a simple alley.

Dan opens the wallet quickly and he checked it exhaustively, it was well, he didin’t took any money, in fact, the wallet now had more money than before. Dan continued checking, and founds a card. He reads it.

"Thank you for trusting, look behind you"

"Behind me?" - Dan says aloud

Dan turns around and sees a man with the same clothes as the strange man who he saw last night, this time with his face covered with a black bandanna.

The man takes off his hood, lowered the bandanna, smiles and talks to Dan.

“Hi Dan”

“Who are you? How do you know my name? Are you criminals?" - Dan says as he points his finger at the strange man. The man shakes hands with Dan with a proud expression

"I'm Ariel, glad to meet you. I know your name from your wallet and if we are criminals... I don’t know, it depends on... The context you see us”

“Excuse me?”

“Remember that old book with the insignia?”


“The emblem?”

“The Assassins?!”


“Wait… You… You are… No… That, that can’t be possible”

There is a silence meanwhile Dan was looking at Ariel’s clothing with curiosity.

"It's the uniform, it was the only way so you could believe me"

They remain silent for seconds, but then Ariel breaks the silence telling Dan a simple sentence.

"Nothing is true"

Dan lowers his head, then, he looks up again:

"...E-everything is permitted"

"Good... You know the phrase, but you know its meaning?”

Dan knew the Assassins, he studied them, at first it was just because of the curiosity, because they seemed interesting, but, when he heard about the legends, the stories, the wars and the assassinations, he really began to study them, investigate them, look for them. Unfortunately, much of the information was unknown, but that was most exciting and interesting part, that unknown information, that hidden thing, that was what moved him.

"Yes, I know what it means"

"No, I speak of symbolizing"


"You know parkour?"

"Uuum, well… I..."

"Yes, you know, you followed me regardless where I took the chase, so, you know how to fight?"


"Yes, you can fight, I know about that once time when you defended yourself very well of some robbers who attacked you"

"How do you..."

"You are part of the lineage of the Assassins, and today, your training begins, follow me"

"You're kidding"

"No, now follow me"

The two got out of the building by the stairs, Dan followed Ariel by a few feet behind just before getting into a van that was behind some bushes. They get on, sit, and Ariel, before putting the key into the car, look at Dan and talks.



"I still don’t get it, why did you came with me just like that? With a stranger? I could be a psychopath who wants to kill you, tell me, why you trusted?"

"Well... Because I know the Assassins, I studied them in college at my spare time"

"So you know some information about us"

"Yes, in fact, I know they were founded in the time of the Crusades... There was a resurgence in the Renaissance… And I know there are rumors about them still alive today"

"Oh well, then you know nothing" – Ariel was relieved, he turns on the car and starts driving

"I also know the Auditore"


Ariel startles in shock and stops the car abruptly. He turns to Dan.

“How do you know about them?!”

“Umm... We-Well… I-I...”

"Dan, they chosed you because you're curious, studious and brave... But even so, you have a few flaws"


“You know them more than I do”


"Tell me, how do you know, the Auditore"


“Who are they”

Dan needed to think of something fast, or leave the situation or something, then, something came up, but however, it was to take advantage of this situation.

"I will not say anything ... If... You don’t say anything..."

“I'll play your game, you go first"

"...I know the Auditore family by... something I received as a child from my mother..."

"Speak up"

"Ok ok ok... I'm an orphan... I was born and abandoned in an orphanage on the south of the city"

"Let’s try not to waste time shall we?, I’ll drive and you tell me later ok?... And stop changing your stories"

Ariel drives again, Dan sighs and starts talking.

"I was taken in by the orphanage very quickly, and I spend all my youth in it. When I-"

“Please, be brief"

"...I had friends... Friend... Of course... Well.. But, I never had any family. After many years, when I turned 18, I left that place and I became completely independent. And... Before leaving, I found a book in my room, in the closet ... That box.. I mean, book, had an...Insignia, on the top, and when opened, you could see the whole story of the Assassins. ''Well, in general terms."

“Wait a sec, a box?”

"Sorry, uh, I mean, what happens is that originally, my mother left me a kind of box, well, that box had given to the orphanate’s owner, and... The owner, keep the box in the closet for years until the time was right. She gave me the book, along with the box key, and when I opened it, inside it was the story of the Assassins, though it wasn’t everything, it was a large part, so... That’s why I was intrigued by that story and started to research."


"You were at least listening?"

"Yeah... But I'm surprised, the owner never opened the box? Book? Whatever"

"Well, the box had some ‘bands’ on the sides, in order to ensure that no one opens the box... Um... On the other hand, the owner was a great woman, I relied a lot on her it and I always trusted her"


"You won’t say anything?"

"I do not know, you left me speechless"

"Ok, your turn"


"Who are you? And I don’t explain me about the Templars-Assassins conflict and stuff, tell me about your group"

"Ok, first of all we are only a part of the Assassins, we're just ... Something like a subdivision. For every part of the world, there is a group that controls it, they are in South America, North America, Africa, Asia, etc, etc, etc. For you to know, there are Assassin guild members in almost every country in the world, and if there is not one, the other Assassins of other larger countries will take charge of the situation of the smaller countries"

Ariel stops talking and parks, Dan also keeps silent while observing the place where they were. They parked on a road, full of trees and dirt, very “country”. They were in the middle of nowhere, not so far from the city because you could see it in the distance. Ariel gets out of the car and keeps talking without stopping. They get to walk toward the prairie that surrounded the place.

"Each guild or... Part of the Assassins has a different style of doing things, but we all share the same goal, our methods sometimes vary, but whe never lose our base"

"Nothing is true everything is permitted"

"Exactly, and also the laws of “Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent" and that stufft... Some groups are more stringent, and other more comprehensive, some are, more conflictive, and others are absolute sigil. As for us, we are a mixture, we’re mixed, if we do a mission that requires the stealth, we choose the assassins who like stealth, and the assassins who have talent on it. And if we have to fight, we’ll have no problem"

"And the equipment?"

"Well, in here... It depends of what kind of Assassin you want to be, that also vary, some use knives, other bombs, I think you should understand"


Ariel stops walking and says without looking at Dan

"We’re here"

"We're here? But we are in the middle of nowhere"

"That’s what you say"

Ariel bends, move some dirt and looks between it and sees a metal hatch, with an slightly changed Assassin’s insignia


"You can be surprised really easily you know that?"

Ariel, pulls out his hidden blade, and inserts it into a slot in the hatch. Activating a hidden mechanism, something is heard, and the door opens revealing a vertical ladder.

"Ladies first?"

"Haha, very funny Ariel"

"It was being serius, enter"

Ariel gives him a pat on the back and then points to the hole where the stairs were. Dan crouched, looks a little inside the hole, and then enters.

They enter through the hatch and down the stairs, what is coming down those stairs is a mystery to Dan, but soon, it won’t be anymore, he will be an Assassin.

The End



Chapter 2Edit

Author's Note: Ok... I'll be really honest with you guys, I hate this chapter, I simply don't like it, is so badly written compared to the next chapters that it's like it was written by another author, and yet, it's so important to the story! New characters, a nice twist in the story, Dan's training... And it is a great bridge to the next events!

That really annoys the crap out of me XD

Oh well, I hope you like this chapter, and thanks to everyone who is reading this regardless of the grammar and... Stuff... And... Um... Thanks everybody!

Greetings and enjoy!


Chapter 2

After going down the stairs, they reached a really long corridor and at its end a reinforced door. Ariel, when in front of the door, from the ceiling a metal cylinder with a panel with those typical 9 digits is deployed.

Ariel introduces the code and the door opens, he enters through another corridor protected by two guards.

“Hello Ariel, I see you got company”

“Yes, soon we’ll train him”

“It was easy to convince him right?”


“So pass on”

Ariel opens the door but the guard stops him.

“Oh you forgot uncovering the face”

“Hehe, ok”

Ariel takes off his bandana he wore and enters.

The place was almost equal to the old hideouts of the assassins, but obviously, it was adequated to the XXI century. Full of people walking to and fro, with a strange seriousness, but in good spirits.

"Welcome to the training center" - says Ariel

"Thanks, I can finally see your face"

"Yes, what happens is that some novice assassins have to use masks or bandanas on the early years as an assassin. The assassins who have experience, or that are good enough, do not need to cover their faces"

“How interesting, show me more”

“See ya’ in Room 1!”

“Wait, what?”

Ariel turns away and gets lost in the crowd of people who were walking around the place, leaving Dan alone. Dan looks from side to side, thinking, what the hell should he do now, he was alone, did not know anyone, he was lost, moreover, was always a little shy, he knew that clearly, he did not know what to do.

“God damnit… Ariel!”

Dan turns around and runs into someone.

“Ugh, sorry, I’m just looking for a room”

“Uh, don’t you mean… Hey, you’re new?”

“Yes sit… Wait a sec-“

“Excuse me?”

It was a woman, similar age to Dan, she was with a casual attire, unlike the rest of the place.

“Ok that sounded stupid… I mean, uh, I, you, uuumm”

“…My name is Claudia”

“I’m Dan”

"And I'm a very busy girl who does not want to appear harsh and have to go, pardon me"

But just when the woman barely steps, Dan stops her.

“You know where’s room 1?”

"That’s where I’m going”

“You’re going to train?”


“…This… Is like an assassin school?”

"In fact, I don’t like that name... I call it as ‘training camp’, but no one really cares about the name right? Come on I'll show you the way"

They walked to a door, they opened it.

The room 1 was a large room, but, built as a… Mini-city. With a small park, empty buildings where one could enter, railings, stairs, doors. It was an exact replica of a city. But of course, much smaller, with little color and on indoors. Something like a gym.

“Ooookay, we’re in”


“Ooh… You don’t know the system, here I'll explain to you. I’s based on the following, we as assassins we can’t train outside because of the extreme danger that we’re in, we train on this underground replica of the city, and if you want to train more specific things, outside this place there are shooting ranges or different martial arts dojos, in fact you can choose where you wanna train"

“Wait, there are lessons?”

“Lessons you say? We’re not in college, here you train by yourself the basics of being an assassin for a month minimum, you create your ‘lessons’, and then, you do a mission as a test to see if you learned”

“Just like that?”

“Sure! But doing the mission good or bad is up to you”

"Oooh... I imagined something more... More... Strict"

"Hey, you know nothing, the beginning of the path of the assassin is fun at first because of the guns and that stuff, but believe me, once you start with the missions, it becomes very, very, very serious."

Then, Ariel appears over a railing, standing on it like it was nothing, with a perfect balance.

"I see you discovered how to come... I thought you were going to use some skill to get here, but I see Claudia already brought you"

“You know each other?”

“Well yeah, we know each other very well, we always do missions together” – Ariel answers

He raises his gaze, and sees other people climbing buildings and running around, he comes up with an idea.

“Dan, let’s make a race” – Ariel says laughing

“But I don’t know how to do parkour”

Claudia laughs and says

"He needs motivation"

So Claudia pulls from Dan’s pocket a wallet, and throws it to Ariel.

"How did you get it?" - Dan surprised Cries

"Go for it"

Dan and Ariel begins to run, Ariel along with Dan, jump boxes, climb scaffolding, and... Basically... Friendly parkour chase.

"Haha, you're like kids!"

Thus the basic training of Dan begun, and about that pursuit, it only lasted 3 minutes, when Ariel was perfectly fine after the race, Dan could not move from exhaustion. He was young, that's true, but even though he was young, that does not guarantee him to do well in the world in which he was getting into.

The first 7 days, the training that Dan had to make was based on resistance, running, jumping, jogging, falls ... How to move. It was hard to him getting used to climb and do parkour, but he had talent and it was easy to learn.

On the second week, combat, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, equipment, etc.

Ariel used them with no problem, and Claudia was very quick on the trigger. But Dan, well, not so good, but with time he improved. They also trained with throwing knives, and many other things, but none of them became the predilect weapon of Dan.

The third week was also training, they focused on stealth, communications and intelligence.

Finally the fourth week... It was based on melee combat and special techniques.

Dan trained hard, really hard, from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week. He had the assassin’s vocation. It was like he was predestined to be one. The supervisors were shocked. So much, he decided to increase their training time from 1 month to 2 months, doubling his training.

Two months had passed since it began, Dan was in his new apartment, lying on the bed, exhausted, and watching TV... Each apprentice had his own apartment on the site with all the necessities and amenities that any youngster like him could ever need or want, like a bedroom, or a kitchen, bathroom, living room and oh, of course, a PlayStation 3 for the leisure time.

Someone knocks the door

"Come in, is open"

Dan was still a little shy man, although the training had given him more security of himself letting him be with other people without having that slight nervousness that shy people know so well. Claudia came in.

"Hey Dan, you will not believe what I just heard!"


"Look, I was in the shooting ranges and while I was reloading my gun, I heard behind me some teachers that wanted to see you, and talk"

"They will give me my first mission?"


Dan jumps out of bed and screams


Claudia is a bit puzzled, knowing that Dan is a quiet guy

"I mean, uh... It’s good you told me, thank you"

"And guess who will accompany you"

"Um, who?"



"...I... And Ariel"

"'Oh, that’s good too, so, when they will contact me?"

"They say they will find you... Hehe, and they keep going with the mysticism"

"I would say professionalism"

"As you say, goodbye!"

Claudia opens the door, and goes

"See you later!"

Dan goes to the refrigerator, takes out a can of soda, drinks it and then goes his room again. Dan jumps in shock and realizes that in the chair in his room, there was a man, relatively old, who looks at him coldly.

"AHG! What a scare you gave me!"

"War is not a game"

"You must be the assassin who would contact me"


"How did you get in?"

"The door was open, and I need to talk"

"What happened?"


Dan sits in a simple chair in front of the man and listen to his words.

"You have talent, great talent, and potential"


Dan was flattered, but he kept quiet because he knew he has to remain serious.

"But, I fear that you take this very lightly... I know you've trained a lot, and you've made an effort, but tell me, are you willing to go further and fight for the freedom of man?"


"Answer me"

"I guess"

"What an Immaturity"


The man imposed an air of respect, and Dan stayed even more quiet.

"You swear that this is a game, a fucking game of people who trains to do ‘cool’ things you see on TV, or in the movies, we know about you, understand, we don’t want that immaturity of yours to affect us... So, I want you think over the following, are you willing to fight for the freedom of man? To what extent are you willing to pay? Would you kill? You know really... Why we fight? Think"

Then, Dan understood.

"I understand... It's true, I tooked this path because I liked more than the meaning behind it, even so, I think it's okay to enjoy it... Now, I think I understand... Yes, I'm willing to go further"

The man smiles, and pulls out of his jacket a hidden blade and then he placed it on the hands of Dan.

"This hidden blade belonged to your father, and his father, and his father. And now, it's yours."


"Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember..."

"...Nothing is true" "

Where other men are limited, by morality or law, remember..."

"...Everything is permitted"

"We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins."

After hearing this, the room sank into a long silence... Then, the man spoke.

"Welcome to the brotherhood, my son"

The End



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