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Zachary Ebenezer Flemming

March 30, 1751



Political information


Continental Army

Real-world information
"Assassination is the most extreme form of censory."
―Zachary Flemming.

Zachary Ebenezer Flemming was an Assassin during the American Revolution, who was born to Archibald Malcolm Flemming and Mary Helena Walker. He also had a brother by the name of Alistair Cormac Flemming.

For a brief time, Zachary lived on the streets, which led him to gain the skills that made him an effective Assassin.


Zachary's father, Archibald Malcolm Flemming, was a Scottish merchant and captain of a ship named "The Belgian Bastard." He had fled from his home because he was wanted for selling off high-value military weaponry to a band of mercenaries from Switzerland.

Aged 33, when Archibald arrived in America, he instantly settled in Boston and began a trading company known as the Flemming Trade Company (FTC). Only two weeks later, he met his future wife Mary, and one year later they had build their own house and had a son named Zachary. However, two years afterwards, Mary died while she gave birth to a second son named Alistair.

Zachary and Alistair led a motherless, but happy childhood for 15 years, until their father lost both his legs in a gunpowder accident and died soon afterwards. With no one to look after the 2 boys, Zachary and Alistair were sent to an orphanage, and two months later Alistair was adopted, leaving Zachary on the streets due to unforeseen circumstances.

For almost 2 years, Zachary wandered the streets of Boston and became a professional thief. Life was hard for him until he came in contact with an Assassin in need of his skills and, if he succeeded, they promised him coin, food and wine. The starved Zachary accepted, and completed his assignment in less than 1 hour, before he returned.

Though he led a comfortable life once more, Zachary was later asked to join the Assassin Order, to which he accepted. From then on, Zachary became a formidable Templar hunter and one of the most talented Master Assassins. Accompanying this, he also took command of his father's ship, and became a Captain in the Continental Army, in order to openly act against the Templar Order that was well hidden in the British ranks.

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