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Must ReadEdit

Rules of FanArt ImageryEdit

Before posting your art, please read the following rules.

  1. There is to be NO pornographic content. If this occurs, you will receive a warning, and if it happens again, it will be an instant ban for the span of 1 week.
  2. Make sure you source your images. Failure to do so will have them removed. To source your images, feel free to browse through the Image Policy for the AC Wiki and learn how to do so.
  3. Do NOT post work that does not belong to you. If you do post work that isn't yours, (and believe us, we will know) then you will receive one warning. If you continue in this manner, then it will result in a ban for 3 days. (Note: The Blues-Design work was permitted to be added here by the artist who created it.)

How To PostEdit

This is a step by step guide which will show you how to set up your own little section in this gallery page.

  1. Next to the section Gallery there is the edit button, click it.
  2. Near to the top of the page, you should notice two tabs that say Source and Visual. Click on Source.
  3. Underneath </gallery>, you will have a bit of space to start, so begin by place a third-section header by using 3 equal signs (=) on each side of your username. (e.g. ===[[User:name]]===)
  4. Now that you have gained your header, it's time to add in the FanArt. To do so, there is a section under the edit summary called "Add features and media". Click on Gallery and it should come up with 2 little boxes with a picture frame and plus sign inside it. Click on it to add the images you wish.
  5. Now, select your images or upload them if you haven't already and place your description of them. After this, click "Finish" and then your images should be there.
  6. Place your summary in the edit summary and then click publish, and voilà! Your images are there and you've got your gallery where you can keep adding more and more until you just don't want to anymore!


Blues-Design (Example)Edit






The following artwork is created via pencil sketch and will be added to in the coming weeks. This artwork is copyrighted to me so ask permission if you wish to use any of my work.


Gabriel AuditoreEdit

Bogdan stretePS3Edit




Vincent MackayEdit

The following sketches were drawn by me using pencil and pen, and are part of my current Fanon: Assassin's Creed:Révolution.

Alexander C. MilesEdit

Those are a french version for a fictional book cover of Assassin's Creed. 





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