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ACU Elise de la Serre Letters

Elise de la Serre's letters

Élise de la Serre's letters were a series of messages written throughout the life of the French Templar Élise de la Serre that were mainly addressed to her lover, the Assassin Arno Dorian.[1] After forcefully extracting François-Thomas Germain's location from Maximilien de Robespierre, and anticipating her demise at the hands of the usurping Grand Master, Élise wrote two letters to Arno and the failed Assassin Bernard Ruddock detailing her final wishes. Following her death, her letters and accompanying journals kept at the Maison Royale were bequeathed to Arno.[2]



  • The documents featured in the letters' database image are actually from the missive written by Marie-Joseph Chénier to Robespierre in the memory "The Supreme Being". While looking for incriminating evidence in the latter's tent, Arno found Chénier's letter begging Robespierre to spare his imprisoned brother, the poet André Chénier.


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