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This article is about the memory sequence. You may be looking for the individual referred to as ???.

??? was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Alonzo searched for The Monk in a place where they were to meet.


  • Alonzo: Always picking the strangest of places...

The Monk appeared before Alonzo.

  • Monk: The brotherhood of the bold welcomes your devotion, pirate.
  • Alonzo: A monk in a black frock preaching to a pirate. Should I be flattered... or scared?
  • Monk: We only approach people of true valor... Prove yours and the world will be at your feet, pirate.

The Monk quickly departed without a word.

  • Alonzo: We? ... Who are you talking about, monk?

Alonzo retrieved the goods protected by a ship and returned to the place were the Monk was supposed to meet him.

  • Alonzo: Why is he never there?

The Monk appeared before Alonzo.

  • Monk: The soldier of truth returns.
  • Alonzo: I soldier for no one, monk... Kings and captains have only led me to my doom.
  • Monk: A man of ill discipline. Like myself. Never bending. Never breaking...
  • Alonzo: An outlawed monk?
  • Monk: Outlaw to the rich, prince among the paupers.
  • Alonzo: Where you ever a pirate, monk?
  • Monk: Was I ever a monk, pirate?

The Monk departed with his parcels.

  • Alonzo: This monk is crazy.


Alonzo continued acquiring goods for the Monk, receiving compensation and information for his efforts.


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