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This article is about the memory sequence. You may be looking for the individual referred to as ???.

??? was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Finding himself near a wrecked ship, Alonzo searched for someone.


  • Alonzo: No one's there...

The mysterious monk suddenly appeared before Alonzo.

  • Monk: Greetings, pirate. You have earned the right to perform a task.
  • Alonzo: A task? Do you plan to reward my services with gold, monk?
  • Monk: Is it gold you are after... or the desire for knowledge of hidden things that gnaws at your mind?

The Monk departed without saying another word.

  • Alonzo: This monk is mad... but he must be rich!

Alonzo retrieved the goods protected by a ship and returned to the Monk.

  • Alonzo: I have your merchandise, monk.
  • Monk: A happy outcome to your quest, pirate. May you always be blessed by success.
  • Alonzo: Are you going to tell me who you are?
  • Monk: I am a master of disguise, yet I sport none before your eyes...

The Monk departed with his parcel.

  • Alonzo: A monk wearing a disguise?


Alonzo continued delivering goods for the Monk, receiving compensation for his efforts.


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