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Welcome to the Fanon Portal!
Welcome to the official Assassin's Creed Wiki Fan Section! The number one area on the internet for Assassin's Creed fans to show off their skills and work. From images to text, videos to music, gameplay and much, much more, THIS is the hub for all your fan-made content needs!

Feel free to browse the creative outlet and works of art of our users via the links below:

With that out of the way, are you interested in submitting your own work? Before contributing, please make sure you've read the rules below!

The Fanon Rules

Here are the guidelines to the fan-section of the Assassin's Creed Wiki.

  1. None of the Fanon (fan-created content) touches a main-space article. If this happens repeatedly, the user will be warned, and if another act occurs, it may lead to a ban. To differentiate your Fanon article from a main-space article, place "ACFanon:" (excluding quote marks) before it, so that the Wiki places it in the right spot. As ACFanon stands for "Assassin's Creed Fanon", duplicate use of the term "Assassin's Creed" in a Fanon title may be subject to being renamed accordingly by an available Staff or Fanon Staff member.
  2. Pages will need to have at least three paragraphs, and the possibility of expansion – no one-liner articles. For example, if you create a page called "Random Name Here" and just write "AC is cool," then it will be marked and deleted at an admin's discretion.
  3. Fanons are to be of decent quality with regards to typos and spelling and/or grammatical errors. If the fanon is not, the author will be given the choice to have a Fanon Staff member fix up their fanon, or have it deleted.
  4. There is to be NO pornographic material, due to it violating Wikia Policy.
  5. Do not copy somebody else's work and claim it under your own name. This is considered plagiarism, and if reported, we will investigate. Be warned – you will know the consequences if it happens, and plagiarised material will be removed immediately.
  6. We expect that you respect not only your higher-ups, but also your fellow Fanon producers. If you respect them, they will respect you, which will make it easier for everyone and foster a positive Fanon community.
  7. Users may not edit the Fanon of another editor, unless they are given prior and explicit permission. This applies to all members on the Wiki, including Staff. The only exception that is tolerated is if a Staff member needs to edit an article to either enforce the rules given here, or to add pieces such as categories or templates.
  8. User accounts are required in order to create a Fanon article, as it helps to link them to the correct author. Fanon articles that are created by anonymous editors will be deleted at an admin's discretion, unless an account is created and the true author contributes to the article, so that the Fanon template can properly be implemented.
  9. Due to the amount of Fanons on the wiki, older fanons may be archived. When it comes to the Fanon Staff's attention that a Fanon has not been edited for two or more weeks, the author will receive a message on his/her talk page. After another week without edits, the fanon will be moved to the Fanon Archive, where it can no longer be edited. Removal from the archive is only possible after consulting with a Fanon Staff member.
  10. As this is an English-speaking Wiki, all fanon articles must be mainly written in English, aside from snippets of foreign languages for stylistic choice (e.g. "Requiescat in pace"). For fanons that deviate from this basis, the author will be asked to translate their fanon into English, or it will be deleted at an admin's discretion.


Templates for Fanon articles:

  • ARE NOT to be seen on any mainspace articles.
  • Are only to be given out by the Fan-Section Staff.


The Plagiarism template will be placed if one of the Fanon Staff members are alerted that somebody has taken their fanon from an external source. If they find evidence that the user did not create the fanon displayed on their page, then it shall be removed. Users have a right to protest against this template, however, by leaving their thoughts on the article's comment section or contacting one of the Fanon Staff members.

Images and sourcing

Though this section is mainly for Fan Art and your own work, it remains to be a part of the Assassin's Creed Wiki. As such, images need to abide by the Image Policy that was created last year. Please read it through thoroughly, because if you do not abide by these rules, your image(s) will be deleted instantly. To summarize:

  • Images must be properly named. They should not be named "34556345.jpg", but by a descriptive name, such as "customimage.png".
  • Images must also be properly sourced. A list of licenses and instructions on how to source images can be found here.
  • "Google", and "The Games" etc. are unacceptable sources, since they are neither specific, nor likely where the image originated from.

Read the page fully and properly in order to find out more about the Image Policy.

To add your images, you will need to go to the gallery page here and follow the short guide, before you add your images for everyone to notice. Make sure you read and comply by the rules before adding any images.

Articles and categories

Fan articles should be listed under either [[Category:FanCanon]] (a FanFiction that does not contradict canon) or [[Category:FanNon-Canon]] (a FanFiction that does contradict the canon).

Keep in mind, however, that only one of these categories is to be added to an article. Even if your creation has parts that can be considered canonical from a Fanon point of view, if some other sections in it contradict canon, the article as a whole is non-canonical, and must only have the FanNon-Canon category added.

Under no circumstances are any main-space categories to be added to Fanon articles, or any Fanon categories to main-space articles. If someone happens to do this, they will be warned twice. A third offense will result in a ban. (And trust us, they will be caught.)

Editing another user's article is not permitted unless the creator has given explicit permission. These rules apply to all, including Staff members. Unauthorized edits by Staff are only allowed in the form of removing/adding templates, reverting vandalism, or in extraordinarily rare cases for valid reasons, such as violation of one of the rules mentioned above.

If a user gives you the authorization to edit their article, it is a one-time only event. Once edited, the page is out of reach for unauthorized hands, unless by Staff members for a reason stated above.

Fan-Section Staff

The Fan-Section Staff or "Bibliotecario" (librarian) are Rafiqs or nominated members who are dedicated to maintaining peace throughout the Fanon section of the Wiki, and are led by the "Bibliotecario Capo" (head librarian). Though they still have limitations as to what they can do, they are permitted to give out templates and categories to articles. The list of Fan-Section Staff are here:

* indicates this user is the Bibliotecario Capo

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