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Mario Auditore a sage??

Ok so since AC Origins came out I’ve gone back and played all the Assassins Creed games over again in order just to refresh my brain and because they’re fuckin amazing lmao but after puttin in a lil work & gettin to Black Flag.. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a big chance Mario Auditore (Ezio Auditores Uncle) was a sage!! There’s no talk on the internet anywhere about it (that I could find) and I’m suprised it hasn’t been brought up yet so just hear me out.. Mario Auditore has the different colored eyes just like all sages require. You can argue that a scar over his left eye is why it’s differnent color but nothing is mentioned in the games. He also looks EXACTLY like the Mayan SAGE head statue in Black Flag which I’m currently playing now. The statue was of a Mayan sage who lived in Tulum a long time ago when the Mayan tribe thrived there. Again, he looks completely identical to John Standish who is the modern day I.T. guy and MODERN DAY SAGE in Black Flag!! I mean, Mario looks EXACTLY like him..from the facial features, different colored eyes, mustache & even his hair style and color. Just no scar. BUT...Mario acquired that himself along the way somewhere. It’s not said that all the sages that are reincarnated to have a scar on their left eye. So, any thoughts? I might be completely reaching here cause I can’t find anything to support my theory anywhere lol but there’s way too many coincidences and AC puts the most vivid detail in their games for a reason!
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