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Co-op based game

Unity introduced good multiplayer (I'm aware the feature was in previous games but not to as good quality as Unity in my opinion. Anyway I found Unity's multiplayer super fun.

But my proposal is... an assassin's creed game that's main focus is co-op. Obviously the game would be solo for the most part but there would still be a large focus on co-op. What are your thoughts?
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• 8h

I am the new fan of assassin Creed and I like Ezio audetore de ferenze

I like to share for all assassin's creed fans that in assassin Origen and odessey is not good because he added some Power and assassin Creed Game is legendary Game not like prince of Persia don't you think so
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• 19h

Tv Series

Which Historical Period would you guys want to be the setting for the AC Tv series?

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• 1d


Basically I'm from Marvel wiki. Just joined here. Guidelines? And btw,"Altair" is my real name! You can check my profile.
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• 2d

Favourite AC novel

What is your favourite ac novel. Out of the ones I’ve read (which isn’t many) mine is forsaken
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How do I become a admin???

How do I become a admin
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• 2d

Am I the only one who believes the Cult of Kosmos is a proto-assassins group?

Analyzing some dialogues you can find some interesting things. At the final scene of AC Odyssey Kassandra says she has fought against chaos (Cult), while Layla says she fight for chaos (Assassins). Pythagoras too says the Cult is a chaotic group, and Aspasia too, and we definitely know the Templars are against chaos. What do you think?

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• 2d

Darius views, who should have been protagonist of Odyssey? Bayek

SPOILERS FOR ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY 1ST DLC - LEGACY OF THE FIRST BLADE. I think Origins should have been released, followed by a Bayek sequel set in ancient Rome (I would say 1st or 4th century AD). After the sequel it would be a game set in Persia with Darius as the protagonist. Leading up to the eventual assassination of Xerxes. Personally I believed Darius was too much like a modern assassin in Legacy of the First Blade. It had already been established in the lore that he wielded the first hidden blade and I don't have a problem with that because it can work, and in fact, makes sense. What I do have a problem with is that in LotFB Darius appears to have an entire brotherhood of his own, and with that I think he becomes far too assassin like. When we are first introduced to Darius in Assassin's Creed II and other spinoff titles; I always imagined him as a rogue assassin/warrior who might have had the same ideologies as the assassins but definitely wasn't a part of a brotherhood or something etc. Sadly though we can't change what Ubisoft has already set in place. Obviously in LotFB Darius and Kassandra meet (I'm abiding by the canon version) so maybe it could have been - Darius first game- Kassandra second game (because the spear of Leonidas IS a Piece of Eden afterall). As I said before though, we can't change what Ubisoft has set in place, and after LotFB, a Darius centred game seems extremely unlikely. Just putting out what I thought might have been cool. Give me your thoughts. Peace. ✌
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• 2d

Assassin love

If you have to choose one love story of an assassin you liked most which would it be?
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• 3d

Does Ubisoft know about these threads?

Do you think they pay attention to what we are saying here?
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• 4d

PvP Assassin creed

Do you guys think they should have a assassin battle's like one on one cause I think about this alot and so do other people whats your response

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• 4d

AC Origins outfits not in Weavers

I’ve just seen some outfits that you can buy in Weavers on the wiki and they don’t show up in Weavers in game. It’s always the same outfits. Do I have to go to other areas? (I do have the rarer shop things perk). It’s really annoying not being able to find them. I’m kinda staying in the places around Alexandria like the Nome places.
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• 12/4/2018

Do you think haytham deserved to die like he did

I believe no Connor and haytham were bonding and the BAM al of a sudden Connor kills him because he was a grand templar
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• 12/4/2018

Weekly Challenges

So I see Abia the whatever but I don’t see Damais the something. Do these weekly challenge stuff just disappear completely?
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• 12/4/2018

Who thinks haytham and ziio rushed the relationship in assassins creed

It is a yes and no to me I mean in ac 3 ziio had no love on him but haytham did at like the middle or when ziio helped his wound from the bar fight you guys know what I mean and then they kill Braddock and there was a painted cave and BAM they kiss and it was a happily ever after....... So who thinks it was rushed my friend says no it was not so it is up to u guys
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• 12/4/2018

Worst assassins creed game in your opinion

What in your opinion was the worst assassins creed game for me it had to be unity to many glitches even by Ubisoft standards and to me it never really felt like a assassins creed game and the story was just not interesting enough I forgot to add why do you considered it the worst
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• 12/2/2018


What kind of quests disappear other than the timed ones? I heard that if you progress through the main storyline, you can miss some big side quests.
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• 12/2/2018

Assassins Creed

Do you prefer old style AC or the new ones odyssey and origin's?I personally think that the old game style is lost and I'm looking forward to a old style AC
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• 12/2/2018

Who is the protagonist in Assassins Creed Identity?

Someone showed me the IOS version it looks amazing but I cant find any information if your Ezio or another assassin.

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• 12/1/2018


Where is lorkis' fort at 28th the nations treasure
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